On Remicade and my son has the flu!

I got my flu and pneumovax this year.
My oldest son just came down looking like death warmed over. I can send him back to his Dad’s house, but I don’t want to. The mommy in me wants to keep him here so that I can be his mommy! He is almost 16, so I don’t get many chances to baby him anymore.
Can someone help me be more rational about this? His Dad is a great dad. Should I risk this exposure? I have heard some reports that the flu that is showing up in our area is not the one the vaccine intended to cover. However, I know that a person with the flu is contagious two days before they have symptoms in addition to when they have symptoms, so does that mean I’ve already had enough exposure to him to get sick anyway?

The "rational" thing would be to send him to his Dads... but it sounds like you want to take care of him which is totally understandable.

How about masks for both of you? The flu is most often transmitted through coughing and sneezing. Lots of hand washing and dust masks to keep the airborne particulates to a minimum should minimize the odds & allow you to pamper your "baby". :0).

You'll still be taking a chance but often times the heart wins the battle with the mind, yes?

All the best, whichever you choose!

The truth is you've likely already been exposed, unless you haven't seen him for a few days. We are just getting over what was likely a mild case of the flu, but I'm just on leflunomide. We all got our flu vaccines, but got sick anyway. As I said, mild, and I seem to be recovering faster than I thought I would.

Take good care.

Thanks, Stoney and Chris. I decided to just keep him here. We bought masks, are doing frequent hand washing, minimizing contact, and keeping our fingers crossed! This way, I get to pamper him to my hearts content, and I really think that with as much as we had been doing together in the days before he showed symptoms that I have already had enough exposure to get sick. I am really hoping to stay healthy.

I have a 16-year-old son as well so I know exactly how you feel. They reach that age where they're untouchable and you want to hang on to mothering them as long as you can. I have two grown sons, so the cuddly side of them does come out again later in life. Something to look forward to!

I think someone else already mentioned this, but you've already been exposed. My advice is to Mommy away to your heart's content!