Oh What A Night - Part 2

Amazing day/night! Hands good, knee good, back good, left foot good. Went skiing today, first time I have been able to in 4 years! So much fun! New cocktail of drugs and this one seems to be working! And we are going to see Jersey Boys in 2 weeks so life is good! I know many of you are suffering but keep at it, you will get better when you get to take the right combo of drugs and lifestyle changes. I fought drugs all the way but some of you guys know when I gave in I have been so much better! Thank you to all my friends on this board for pushing me and helping me thru this disease. I am a better person today for listening to you and following your advise.

So VERY pleased for you. I've never skied and probably never will but I can vicariously enjoy the freedom and exhilaration you must feel on those skis :-)

Glad to hear that you're doing so well at this point. Enjoy!

That is so exciting, you have no idea how pleased I am to hear it!

I know it’s not easy to get there, but your persistence has paid off!

I still remember the euphoria the first time I went waterskiing again, and though its not a weekly thing, the ability to do it (and other things like horseriding) on occasion is magical.

Congratulations, with a huge smile (and don’t forget to add something under success stories when you have time :slight_smile:

Oh Mat...................

Thank you a million times over for reminding us there are victories.

Water skiing is STILL on my list. I went snow skiing (telemark) for an hour before checking in to the hospital last week mostly because it was the only way to get down the mountain to the cars (we got 3 feet of stuff on the Sun/Mon before - too much powder for the snow machines,) but because there isn't a better way to really feel free and totally relax. I have spent a portion of every summer since I was 10 trying to get up on water skis......... Maybe I need better drugs

Awesome news! Sticking with all the changes and tweaks in medications can certainly pay off in the long run, as you are experiencing. May your skiing days be just beginning (metaphorically speaking as I can't wait to be done with winter!).

Awesome Mat, thanks for sharing! I've been skiing since I was a kid, in fact my kids started at age 3 and 8. My dad usually holds a seasons pass at our local mountain however this ski season was slow to start (unusual) and he didn't buy a pass. He has been calling his girls frequently in hopes that we would make it up for a yearly ski day, but at this point I can't commit.

Great to hear you have found the combo that works for you! I'm looking forward to one day finding that combo that gets me back moving too! Absolutely wonderful news!!

WONDERFUL news, MAT! It's so exciting when we're able to do things we weren't sure we'd ever be able to do again. It sounds like you're doing great!

Isn’t it great, MAT, when it finally “clicks” and you know that you are getting better. I am so, so happy for you. Thank you for sharing this, and for encouraging others who may still be mired in the challenges of this disease. Enjoy the good days!

Matt, such great news and I am so happy and proud for you to finally be in the position to feel as well as you do. Your post exudes happiness and excitement and its very addicting. You have been though so much and you have fought a great fight to come out on top and to show so many people and yourself that its totally worth the journey to finally be where you are today. Congratulations to you and also to your family, you certainly are an inspiration!!!