Whatta night!

So...I posted earlier about how well things have been...and they have improved significantly over the past year...I joined Weight Watchers and have lost 50+ pounds; a work in progress. I finally saw an ortho that I like and found out my knee will need to be replaced in the near future...a got a well-needed shot in my knee so I could dance on my wedding day! Good things...I wish I could focus on them right this moment! I have not been feeling well the last few days...achy all over...the weather is changing here in NJ...and I am run-down...well it really hit me hard tonight! Every joint hurts; walking is painful; and I just wanna cry...I am supposed to spend the day in NYC tomorrow - shopping! I could not go 2 weeks ago because my knee was so bad...I am 37 and some days I feel my grandmother moves better than me! Ughhhhhh.

Shopping … sounds like fun, especially if you are going with a BF. Can you get hold of a wheelchair at short notice? I know, I know, you don’t want to be wheeled around, but rolling around with a friend pushing you is a whole lot more fun than sitting at home. It may perk you up too.
Congrats on the improvements over the last year! You must have worked hard at that.

Sometimes I have found that when I start to feeling better I am so happy that I over do it, which does catch up to me. That is the tricky part. Even though we may feel good we still have to remind ourselves to slow down. I am sure with a little rest you will be feeling better. Don't get too discouraged, sounds like you have been accomplishing a lot, it's ok to give yourself a big pat on the back. You deserve it & here is a big hug to to along with it..........HUGS

I'm 37 and my 93 year old grandmother, who uses a walker, gets around better than me some days!!!

HUGS! I echo the question about getting your hands on a wheelchair - shopping in NYC isn't to be missed! :)

It's difficult to have so much positive stuff going on and feel better and then be hit by a flare. I hope you start feeling better soon! Changes in weather really do many of us in!

How about a mobility scooter rather than a wheelchair? I know its still not the same as being able to walk everywhere but at least you can drive it yourself, the thing I hate about a chair is feeling useless and not able to propel myself…some of the shopping centres (Malls) in the UK have mobility centres which provide chairs and scooters for their shoppers. When I was really bad last year I borrowed a scooter from one of these and had a nice day, I could operate it even with sore hands.

Well done on all you’ve overcome so far…we all get bad days, weeks,months and its hard to not let it get you down, Big Hug hope youget shopping x

love my mobility scooter!

I'm all for my husband pushing me around in a wheel chair :)