Feeling better :)

Not perfect but better, been bike riding more, even wore a short sleeved shirt this weekend (been about 8 years). The P is starting to clear with the light treatments (slowly but surely), my Doc apologizedfor telling me that she didn’t know what else to do and that i might never get better(blood work came back and confirmed what i was telling her)… Not sure what drug or treatment is doing it for me, don’t really care right now, just hope it keeps on the positive path… Got in a slump there for a minute but back standing tall. :slight_smile: Feels darn good!!!

Congratulations! I'm so happy (and I'm sure you are, too) that your meds are finally kickin' in. Sorry, it's late, and I can't remember right now what combination you are using. So nice to have a day where you can look forward to feeling better! You go, girl...keep up the good fight!