Numb feet?

Hi - has anyone else dealt with this or solved it? My feet have been numb (except for pins/needles and occasional burning pain on the skin) for 7 days now.

This started about 6 days after my first dose of methotrexate, 10 days after starting Mobic. My rheum switched me to prednisone and my joints feel great but the feet are still numb and painful (how can the two go hand in hand?!)

My PsA just started in late sept and diagnosed mid December

Thanks for any advice!

I have just recently been diagnosed (November 2011) but the numb feet thing has been a problem for me prior to diagnosis. I had surgery on my left foot in the early 2000's and that foot's toes have been numb since. Doctor said it was a side effect of the surgery. It made sense but then the other foot's toes went numb. Since I am overweight, the docs tested me for diabetes but everything was negative. Then he decided it was from a pinched nerve in my back. It wasn't until I was discussing the diagnosis with my Rhumatologist that the connection was made to PSA. It seems I may have had PSA undiagnosed for probably ten years. Long story -short - I don't have any answers but just remember, you are not alone :)

Hi there, it was only transient for me (like 3 or 4 hours) but was pretty obviously completely associated with inflammation in my lower back, where the nerves that feed your legs and feet are. I actually had pretty much all of my legs and feet numb by about 1 hour into the effect, but started with pins and needles in my feet, then numbness there before spreading up (pretty much contrary to 'normal' neuropathic issues). On no medication except ibuprofen, which iv'e happily taken all my life with no side effects.

Hi there RB,

Sorry this is happening to you. I had the same issue in my left hand/arm about two years ago, when in limbo with no definitive diagnosis yet. My pain issues had started with my left SI joint and then into my lower and mid back and ribs. One day I woke up and my arm was numb and yet hurt at the same time. It was clumsy and I would drop things all the time. Since I was 36 at the time they rushed me to a neurologist for testing. It was also eventually chalked up to all the inflammation and swelling in my back affecting nerves. When this got under control, the situation resolved. So don't give up hope!! Btw I am also on methotrexate and mobic, which (knock wood) the combination after a few months has been key for me. Not had to go to pain management since September, can text and type and drive and work again. YEAH!!! good luck I hope this resolves for you soon.