Not again

My right thumb is starting to feel exactly like my left one which has arthritis and the right hand is the one I need for photography. The one I hold the camera with. I’m really hoping I’m just imagining this.

I'm sorry about that.

Here's something funny though. For a while I thought that I would be scheduling surgery on my left thumb within a few months of my right one healing from surgery. Somehow, the pain and dysfunction greatly improved with no treatment.

So while you may not be imagining it, don't assume that it will stick around. Mine was mostly due to soft tissue damage and laxity. I did do some hand therapy, and it was helpful. This may be something to consider. The OT can also help you with splinting if appropriate. You'll want to see your rheumy or a hand specialist about a referral and prescription for this. I feel for you. I have a lot of problems with my hands.

Is it any better? I think trying to immobilize it as much as possible with some sort of brace could help. My thumbs are very painful at the base right next to my wrist and my left one is quite deformed/enlarged. My right wrist was killing me a couple weeks ago and wearing a tight wrist/hand support really helped. Enbrel is helping, too, cuz my wrist is no longer swollen or hot!!

It has gotten better thankfully. There are still some times where it hurts but it’s not as noticeable as my other thumb