More feelings stuff

So I am really really worried right now. My thumb had been so so stiff for the past two days. I hope maybe I just pulled a muscle while I was making my bracelet (it involves knotting thread) and the pain I woke up with the day after that is from knotting the thread but I have my doubts about it. First of all my thumb feels as stiff as my arthritic toe. Then there is the fact that it hurts in the base of my thumb joint when I try to button my jeans. That’s where the pain is. In the last thumb joint. It’s not swollen or hot to the touch so I could just be letting my fear of it spreading get the best of me. I don’t want this disease to take over my life the way it has and I’m scared. I don’t want other joints effected.

It’s really. Easy to be reactive, especially at this point in your progress. I’m guessing that you just overdid it on your thumb. Try to take it easy and rest it as much as is feasible. You may want to talk to your doctor about use of splints to rest painful joints. They shouldn’t be used full time, but to help you rest a joint that is painful. It sucks. I’ve had a lot of thumb issues, and right this moment am dealing with trigger finger in my thumb so. I definitely feel your pain.

I am using a splint thing right now because it could also be a tendon issue and I don’t want anything to happen to my thumb xD it feels as though there is a rubber band on the tip of my thumb and it’s pulling it backwards. Thankfully I’m going to the doctor really soon so I can ask him if he knows what’s going on with it.

It sounds like you're handling it right. This is where sometimes you need to go to a specialist. Let your rheumy look at it, but you may wind up needing to go to a hand specialist for this. Sometimes a cortisone shot will do the trick too, depending on the nature of things. You may want to make a call to your rheumy and let the doctor know what's going on. Sometimes it's good to get these things "on the record".

How are you feeling today? Any improvement with resting?

Stoney, The thumb still hurts to move, Its been about a week(?) now and when it rains the joint throbs. It does feel a lot better by the afternoon if I don't have it in a splint, so I've started not using the splint because if it is arthritis, then it could get worse without the use.