1st Finger joint is deformed- can anything be done?

Hi all,
This may seem like a silly question, but I think I lost track of time and didn’t realize my finger was swollen as long as it was. The swelling went down and voila- I have a deformed knuckle. I must admit It made me a little nauseous when I first noticed it. It still functions ok, but hurts a bit. Is this it? Can anything be done to fix it? Again, I realize it’s probably a silly question and the answer is “of course not”, but I thought I would ask anyway:) . Thanks!

Physical therapy can maybe help some.

You can make certain that you keep the finger moving, and possibly look into an OT for this. But, more importantly, if you have inflammation that is long lasting, you may need to speak with your rheumy regarding getting better control over your disease.

Yes Stoney is right. An OT can do a lot for you. And of course you're better off if you can stop the inflammation.

Thanks everyone form the helpful info. i’ll look into seeing a OT. Hopefully I’ll also see my rheumatologist soon!

I wish you the best. This disease attacked my hands and I have 7 deformed fingers and other body parts. While this is a bad thing, therapy and working them every day has helped. Don't get me wrong, everyone here has listened to me whine and complain but they are right, there are things you can do to make them better. Try everything people here on this site recommend and you will find what works best for you. Don't give up, one finger will not define you, seven has not defined me! I'm doing things people here and doctors recommend and I am working! I am a software trainer and have to use my hands daily and I promise you if I can do it so can you! Don't give up, don't let this disease define you, make it work, you can do it!

Your function of it can get better. As far as the asthetics and "deformed" look, probably not. I have a middle joint on my middle finger that is warped and weird looking. The same happened to me, the swelling went down when I started the meds but my joint hasnt gone back to normal. I asked my rheumy if it would and she said: "the horse has already left the barn on that one". I took that as a no.

Thanks. I good to hear your experiences and that you are still able to function. Xvanex, it is also my knuckle on my middle finger. I’m trying to not let it bother me too much although I do wish it were somewhere less noticeable. Unfortunately, I think it may have been what I needed to treat this disease seriously and not just like a bad dream. I can function through pain and even inflammation, but joint deformation is definitely something I would like to avoid!

My fingers are also getting deformed. The ring fingers twist from the top joint and my thumbs are starting too. I have learnt to adapt but it’s painful.

You are all very brave, I’ve nothing as yet but you all sound really positive.l think the main thing I’ve picked up from this site is to carry on,stay positive.l hope I start to manage this better I really want the positive mind set.

Oh and frankie you sound amazing your dealing with what must really scary so well.

I've got four fingers now where the top joint is no longer lined up with the rest of the finger, twisted. Thankfully, that particular one isn't painful.

Robyn Andrew said:

My fingers are also getting deformed. The ring fingers twist from the top joint and my thumbs are starting too. I have learnt to adapt but it's painful.

Its not a silly question at all. I have the same problem except it effects 7 of my fingers. They are bent at the second joint. My advice is to ask a rheumatologist and if that doesn't work go to a hand surgeon. Don't just ignore it.

It's interesting, I'm worried about finger deformity, but not so much because of PsA. My mom has severe osteoarthritis in her hands, and most of her joints are disfigured and fused. That concerns me worse in terms of deformity and loss of function, and I know that I'm more prone to it due to the PsA.