Nodule in my throat

Hi I was wondering if anyone is taking Nabumetone or Plaquenil, have you ever experienced swelling or a nodule or in the way for back of your throat? I have something going on, located on my right tonsil, I don't think it's strep because I do not have a fever. so I am not sure what it could be any suggestions would be great. I tried making an appointment at my doctors but you cannot pre-book a sick visit so I have to call back in the morning :(

It is not any known side effect to any drug that I know of. Likely to be a viral "bubble" or strep despite no fever. In come colds we see what looks like a water blister or bubble in the back of the throat. It resolves as the cold or URI resolves. It is best to be checked by a doctor. Do you have other cold symptoms? My son did not complain of cold symptoms when he had strep throat, he would just vomit without warning! He is now 19 and no longer has his tonsils!

No cold symptoms or fever, I am calling in the AM to get an appointment so we will see what they say then.

It turns out that it could be something with my thyroid. I went to my doctors today and have to get blood work and an ultrasound done tomorrow. I hope I get some answers.

Always good to get it checked by a physician. I hope it is nothing serious.

So I got a call from the Doctor today and they found quite a few nodules on my thyroid, some smaller ones on the left and big ones on the right the largest being 2.3mm. so I have to go see the ENT next. I am just glad that there are answers now, because I have been having symptoms of an out of whack thyroid for years with normal thyroid hormone levels.