Lump on my neck uder my jaw

So last week I was feeling really cruddy, body hurt all over and I had probally the worst headache that I have ever had and it lasted for about 4 days. My swelling which hasnt been a problem for me in a while now was back and my right hand was so swollen and stiff I couldnt move it, and I was so tired just exhausted but I noticed a kinda large, noticeable at least lump on my jaw on the left side of my neck area it is firm, tender to the touch I can feel it when i move my head or bend my neck it seems kind of warm to me and there is a little give when i press on it but not much I have taken aleve to help with the swelling but it doesnt seem to be helping....I had thought it was just a swollen lymp node since i had a cold with a sore thoart but its been over a week now with this lump....I have a doctors appointment tommorow but I am kinda starting to worry about it......any suggestions or ideas? Ive heard swollen lymp node are common in people with auto immune issues but this just doesnt seem right.

I get large lymph glands with any type of URI. I am a poor water drinker. I would continue the Aleve, increase fluids and have your doctor check it tomorrow. Good luck.

Please don't laugh, but this is NOT uncommon. Buy a box of Lemon Heads and consume (at once). The worst that will happen is you eat candy you don't like.

Some of the meds we take have a habit of "plugging up" the salivary glands. Between the lemon heads and a warm compress you should be spitting again in no time. Dry eyes dry mout Sjorens etc are all related to PsA

Must ask lamb, what are Lemon Heads? Are they a cold remedy sweet?

Thanks Lamb! I wil go get some on my lunch break :)

Louise- It is a very tart candy sold in the USA. It makes you salivate.

Thanks Michael :slight_smile:

I have had several lump removed over the years. I had one that appeard on the back of my calf after having to wear a boot on my foot because I could not bear any weight on my feet because my ankle was flaring. It was the size of a golf ball and it appear almost over night. I ended up going to phyical theropy because of the lump. The PT sent me to have a MRI done. They sent me to a cancer surgeon. He looked at it an called it a blood vessel that went weird. It was there until I had is surgically removed. It was nothing to worry about. But It was very painful to touch. My pants would rub on it, that was more that I could deal with so I had it removed. I had a similar one on my neck and behind my knee, same thing after they became so bother sum I had them removed.

The University of Utah is doing a study on the one that I had removed on my calf. So I had to have a MRI and CT Scan every 4 months. After 2 years of no change I stopped particpating in the study. It was costing about $1000 every 4 months to participate in the study. Money which I didn't have. I thought that participating in a study ment that they would front some of the cost. Never happened. The offical term for what they removed was a hemangioendothelioma.

I have had a number of lipomas removed. It is weird they seem to grow above tendons that have been painful. My doctor told me they tend to run in families and are not cancerous. I do remember my father had them. I have always suspected my father had undiagnosed PsA. He was on old veternarian and very stiff when older. He also had trigger fingers some the same as the ones I have.

Probably nothing, but Definitely worth cheking given our predisposition to lymphoma. I had one on midline neck and then tests found two more. turned out to be benign. Good luck. Very nervewracking!

Just got back from my doctors office and Lamb was 100% on point she said it looks to her like i might have a stone in my salivary gland and that i should suck on a whole bunch of lemon heads and that it should help me produce more saliva and hopefully push the stone through....THANKS LAMB!

I'm impressed Lamb. And glad to hear that you should be on your way to feeling better.

I am impressed by Lamb too. And it's not easy to impress a nurse...........