A new issue, but I gotta ask

I found some on this, but wanted current feedback.

I went to the dentist 4 days ago to get my teeth cleaned. The usual probing and poking. Next day my lower jaw hurt around two of my back teeth. That night I was grabbing the ice packs and pain pills. All that night my lower jaw hurt around all my teeth on one side. No sleep that night or work the next day. HUrt bad for a day or so, now it comes and goes, but it is hurting around most of my lower teeth on that side and some of the uppers. Haven’t had this problem before fromt he dentist.

I searched and found some similar post, but I just wanted to know if anyone experienced this, especially after going on bio-logics.

It concerns me because someone I knew didn’t make it from lymphoma in the jaw. He fought with dentist for about 6 months before they figured it out. THey NHL of the jaw is rare, it came to mind.

Why couldn’t your jaw be sore from having your mouth open? And jaw pain can easily radiate

I think this is fairly common. Teeth and PsA don’t seem to get along and of course it can affect one’s jaw too, being a joint.


I’m getting my teeth cleaned tomorrow morning (actually this morning now as it’s 3:00 a.m.)…I’ll let you know if I end up with jaw pain, although it has never happened from a teeth cleaning. I did have unexplained jaw pain several years ago (before I was on a biologic) and the doctors and dentist never really figured out what caused it.
I hope your jaw feels better soon—I hesitate to blame in on the biologic.

Also, it doesn’t make sense to be concerned about lymphoma when you’re talking about something that seems to be a result of going to the dentist.

Thanks all. I just haven’t had it happen before after going to the dentist. I think Poo is right, teeth and PsA, don’t along. I’m starting to think a lot of things don’t get along with PsA.

I grind my teeth. They rarely hurt, but the bone in my jaw - deep aching in the bone. Sometimes the joint as well, but often just the bone. I feel for you, it’s not fun.

A few years before PsA hit me, my teeth gave me significant issues. Since PsA struck I’ve always assumed it was just because it was warming itself up to do so. I’ve heard so many similar stories since too. And some sufferers truly do have hellish jaw symptoms with PsA. Thankfully I don’t. Yet.

Phew! You had me scared, tamac, but my dentist experience went smooth yesterday and there’s no soreness at all today!
Has your pain let up now?

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I have not encountered that personally.

I got an infection in my gums from my last cleaning.
If it still hurts, have them do an x-ray, see if infected

I never have any pain after having my teeth cleaned.

What the heck!! It’s midnight and I am up with my lower right jaw under my teeth killing me!! This has been coming and going since seeing the dentist about ten days ago. It hurts so bad it is into my ear and now into the side of my face. Ice doesn’t help. I have had one pain pill and am giving it 30 more minutes before I take another! What is going on !!

I have sent my rheumy and email to ask him, but have not heard back since it is the weekend.


Oh gosh tamac I do hope the pain pills eased things somewhat. And that your rheumy comes back to you soon.

Back to the dentist with an emergency appointment, if you can. And if that doesn’t show anything up, could it be TMD?

I do hope this lets up soon for you.

Dentist found a small gum line cavity on a wisdom tooth he fixed. He thinks that may have been causing my trygiminal nerve to hurt. We’ll see.

I hope the filling did the trick, tamac!

Otherwise, there are a LOT of muscles that attach to bone in the area you mention (buccinator esp for lower back teeth), and enthesitis is always an option, not just inflammation at the TM joint…

But I hope it was a ‘normal’ problem and it’s all fixed now :smiley:

Seems to have done the trick. I have a pretty good dentists. He even did a full mouth X-ray when i asked because of some terrible jaw pain. Found I have an upper sinus that actually intrudes between two teeth. He said that would be prone to being inflamed. He makes me predose with a BUNCH of clymdamiacin (YUK).