Jaw pain under the ear on both sides

Is this PsA related or TMJ. It's driving me crazy! Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions? Sometimes I feel like a hypochondriac when my body acts this way. I quit telling others and am thankful to you guys as my sounding board. Any help would be appreciated!

I'm sorry, I don't have TMJ or know anything about it. I'm glad you know you can ALWAYS share your thoughts and issues with us !

I get a lot of pain under ears, but no I do not have TMJ. I call them my frankenstein bumps! They are tendons in the neck and jaw that insert there so they are part of the enthesitis that is so painful in PsA. I massage them, put heat on them and use a soft neck pillow to support my head when it is really bothering me. Then it disappears and something else develops leaving us all feeling like we are hypochondriac! Hope this helps.

I know the hypochondriac feeling well. I'm going to throw out a third option, and you'll likely figure out if it fits. I have developed Sjogren's, and have finally figured out that my "ear" pain and jaw pain/weird feeling is due to the parotid glands there. Don't know if they are inflamed or clogged or what, but just thought I'd put it out there, since it's not uncommon for multiple things to be happening.

Your body has an inflammatory disorder, and it can attach virtually anywhere. And I bet the answer to you initial question is that it might be PsA AND TMJ!

I've had PSA related jaw pain. It was in the joint right in front of the ear that connects the jaw to the skull. It got really inflamed (you could see the inflamation), and I couldn't open my mouth without severe pain, though my Derm told me it's very rare to get inflamation there (she was worried it was something dental). Started biologics and that along with every other inflamed joint went away.

I went to an ENT and he dx me with TMJ on right and have those bumps that michael in VT is talking about on my left. I got a CT scan to make sure I did have any blockage and there was none. If you can find a good ENT s/he maybe able to help you.

TMJ, has all kinds of causes. Just because they call the pain there TMJ doesn't mean its NOT PsA.


I have inflammation in my jaw joints that inflames when the rest of my joints do. When my tendons flare, the tendons by my jaw also flare. I've found that hot packs on my face reaaaaaaally helps (suggested by my dentist). After a bout of really bad tendon pain, my dentist fitted me for something called an NTI Device. It is ostensibly for helping prevent headaches, but I find it forces my jaw to relax. When I'm in pain, everything clenches and then hurts terribly. With the NTI Device, I put it on my front teeth whenever I feel everything tighten up, and about 30 minutes later when I take it out, everything relaxes and I have a lot less pain. I just got the NTI device last month, it costs about the same as a night guard.

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I have a problem like this I have got a small lump its sort of hard it’s on my jaw Line sort of under my chin it only hurts when I touch it I looked online and seen something about lymph nodes and it said arthritis can cause them to flare but am not sure it’s what I have got docs on Monday so hopefully it’s nothing but has anyone had anything like it, it’s been worrying me a lot.

Swollen lymph nodes are fairly common with many autoimmune diseases. If you look at an image of the lymphatic system (quick google search), you'll see where there are large clusters of nodes. Common places for them to swell are jaw/neck, armpits, and groin. I personally get swollen lymph nodes in my armpits, usually only on one side or the other, sometimes as big as a small egg. Swelling will come and go, my dr. said not to worry unless it stays the same for a long time.

Sara said:

I have a problem like this I have got a small lump its sort of hard it's on my jaw Line sort of under my chin it only hurts when I touch it I looked online and seen something about lymph nodes and it said arthritis can cause them to flare but am not sure it's what I have got docs on Monday so hopefully it's nothing but has anyone had anything like it, it's been worrying me a lot.

Thanks a lot I looked on google and by what I have seen I think that’s what it is was just a bit scary because It came out of no where I get small lumps and bumps on my fingers and hand but there tiny and never hurt where this one is a little larger and very sore to touch it feels a little better today but i made an appointment with doc just for peace of mind.

I was getting some TMJ just before I was diagnosed with the PsA. I actually controlled it by using a better sleep grinding guard. There's one kind that locks your jaw in place and I think that was a problem. There's another one, I bit more expensive, but it's just a small thing with bite wings. My jaw got a lot better that way.

It got even better when I got on Enbrel and took care of the PsA. I think likes to attack joints that are already stressed, at least for me it seems to. So I think the best solution is to treat the PsA AND try to mechanically treat the joint, either by removing the stress, or getting physical therapy, or both.

I have TMJ and when it acts up I have pain when chewing and in the joint itself. But when I have pain that isn't in the joint but rather on my neck below my ears I think it is related to lymph nodes. For me it often is an infection in my inner ear and sinus that causes that kind of pain.

  • Thanks everyone. I don't have the swollen lymph nodes just sharp pain. I'm going to get a mouth guard and see if that and heat will reduce the pain and inflammation. Thanks, Lamb. You are always a great source of reliable info!