Jaw Pain

I am sure this has been asked before, but , does any one experience jaw pain that is only on one side. I have necrosis of the jaw on the left side for probably 8 years but lately having jaw pain on the right side mostly bottom. Don't know if it is PsA related or not. I HATE the dentist but guess I will have to find one now.

It certainly is not unheard of. . . Its hard to distiguish from rgular ol’ tmj though. Unless your dentist is really familiar, with PsA and related, he may try and fit you with an appliance which makes it WORSE. I’ck with a Rheumy and get a PT referal if he thiks it would help. The jaw is like any other joint exercise and stretching helps, it can also be shot up. FWIW unless you have fabulous dental insurance, anything you spend with a dentist is out of pocket, so there may be a financial advantage to starting with your rheumy. Or if you are DIY try this link:


And believe it or not the jaw problems can often be brought on by other issues with neck etc. The refrenced articles with the link were really interesting.

I do get lower jaw pain, usually on the left side but also sometimes on the right. My Doctor said its not unheard of since the jaw does have joints and so either the joints in the jaw are affected or the stiffness and paid from my neck, which is affected by the psa, is causing jaw pains as TNT suggested. I have found that the dmards I take are reducing the frequency and intensity of the jaw pain.

Thank you TNT and Lara; I have a rheumy appt next week and will certainly address this with him. I just assumed I would have to start with a dentist, but as you said no dental insurance and really can't afford big bills either. Hopefully I will get some answers next week. This, like so many other things, it quite painful!

Also, a Rhuemy can requisition the x-rays for your jaw just like a dentist could, but because it's not a dentist, it would cost way less.

Well, he didn't order any xrays and just said he is not surprised about the jaw pain. hhhmmmm I had a hard time getting my point across to him yesterday, I hate it when I go to a doc and that is the case. I have better appts when I see his PA. Hopefully that is who I will see in July.

Be careful! I see my dentist every 6 months but had jaw pain for over a year along with neck and shoulder pain. I woke up one morning and the pan was unbearable. I went to the dentist and he sent me to a specialist. He told me he had never seen two teeth that badly infected since his was a dentist in the army. I was in extreme pain for about a week. They did 2 root canals and are having me wait a year before they could put on permanent crowns. Sometimes I think we experience so much pain on a regular basis that we don’t realize when something is really wrong.