New Hope For Me?

24 Hours after My 3rd Injection of Methotrexate. So Far There Has Been No Nausea, No Extreme Tiredness THIS WEEK.Last Week I Was out to lunch for 3 Days. The Week Before Was 48 Hours. My Life was sleeping around the Clock, Water Water Water and sucking on Mints. This Week I prepared for it and Nothing... I Have been in Pain since October and Swelling in my feet since Last June. Was Diagnosed with PSA December !6 2014. Started Methotrexate Injections January 19 2015.Was Told Not To Expect Any Changes For 6 Weeks.Last week After injection My Psoriasis Lesions Burned My Fingers and Nails HURT. This Week Nothing. It Was Almost A Relief To Get The Injection. My Fingers And Nails Hurt Until After Injection Time. Crossing Fingers and Toes This is a Positive Turn Around? First Time I Have Been Pain Free in Months. Quite Happy With The Progress So Far. NOT Fearing The Medication... Fearing The Disease.

That's great that you were started on meds quickly, and that it's going well so far. Just what you needed.

Been Trying To Find Positive Stories about Methotrexate on The Net. Very Little Positive Information out There about it. Thank goodness for people like you. I Decided that this is the Course of Action My Rheumatologist Has Chosen For Me.It is Obviously The Go To TreatmentTo Start With. I May As Well Embrace it.All the Negative Information I find Just Re-inforces All The Negativity Surrounding it. My New Motto : Positive Re-inforcement :slight_smile:

BCG, you have a great attitude. You’re also lucky that you seem to be easing into the MTX thing well. Yes, there is lots “out there” that is negative about MTX, but the truth is that it can be very helpful, and that side effects aren’t always impossible. I’m happy for you too.
As Sybil says, one of the problems with treating this disease is that real improvement (not just reduction of symptoms) usually happens very very slowly – so slowly that, from day to day, you don’t even notice. And then suddenly, one day you go “HEY, six months ago I couldn’t even think about doing this, and look at me now!” That’s when you know it’s working.
And then there are the compounding benefits. Gradually you feel better, and gradually you start to do more. As you do more, you get fitter, and as you get fitter you feel even better … and so it goes. Something great to look forward to!

I am on it and still doing great.I had no trouble at all.Just so glad I can walk now with out crying out in pain and my finger tips feel better.Iam glad you are starting to feel better also.

Thank you All so Much For Your Kind Words. They are Greatly Appreciated It is so Nice to Hear of other People’s triumphs and Others With Words Of Encouragment And Experience. Knowledge is Power