A bit of positivity - Methotrexate

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to write to say that today I have used a hoover for the first time in a year!!

I managed to hold it and hoover the whole of my flat! I couldn't believe it. I've been on Methotrexate since October and I didn't think it was working for anything other than making me feel sick! But it seems like it is! I had physio today and she also feels that my movement is improving. I really hope this will keep going and isn't just a good week. Just want to say that there is hope out there! Finally! Still in pain but it is getting better slowly but surely :) Good days and bad days but today is a good day!

That is such GREAT news that you are seeing some improvement. Hoovering today who knows what tomorrow? Don't overdo it too soon. Hope this is the beginning of permanent improvement for you.

Such good news! Yes, MTX works for some people, and it has the advantages of being an old and well-known drug, and being inexpensive.

I thought that MTX was doing nothing for me until I went off it before surgery. Oh, oweeeeeee!!! That’s when I realized it was doing more than I thought, even if it wasn’t enough. I still take it along with my Enbrel.

Jules is right – don’t overdo it!

I went and got the new Oreck it is so light. It does wonders for the joints.

And yes, do not over do it.!

So glad its working for you:)

Happy stories are so wonderful to hear!