Neem oil

Anyone here tried Neenah oil on their psorasis patches? Trying to find something to put on these lovely patches that has no chemical in them. If not what natural lotions or gels have people used.

I make soap with neem oil. Maybe 2 teaspoons per batch. I don't have the recipe in front of me. A batch makes me 30 or so bars of soap. I have found it beneficial for skin eruptions like acne. I would suggest you do a test patch and not with full strength neem oil. A mix of a drop or two with perhaps a quarter cup sweet almond oil. Definitely do a test patch though and go from there. good luck

A Turkish collegue of mine swore he had psoriasis as a child and it was cured by his mother rubbing on motor oil after the families cars oil change??? Low and behold he arrived a few weeks later with a bottle containing the filthy oil from his car after he had serviced it!!! Lol needless to say I thanked him profusely and threw it away…ungrateful I know!

"Natural" lotions gels etc. ALL contain "chemicals" Please be careful especially with anything containing "essential oils" Essential oils such as clove and red thyme are high in the chemical component phenol a deadly poisen. Phenols are strong bactericides and antiseptic. In addition, essential oils that are high in alcohols include lavender and tea tree possess strong antiseptic and bactericidal properties. Other essential oils are high in aldehydes include lemon-scented eucalyptus (very dangerous stuff)

Here's the funny thing, you most of the natural safe products being sold as "healthy" and "green" are neither and CAN"T be sold as certified green products (either Green seal certified or Design for the Environment) for use in schools.....

Neem oil is high in Azadirachtin which used to be used as a pesticide. It is illegal in many areas as exposure cause sterility and miscarriage......

It was originaly used in India a cosmetic/perfume base. In this country we use skunk oil or pine tar for the same purpose.

Rebel mom , TNT has some valid pints about quality and being green seal and safe for the enviroment. Personally

I use vaseline. It works for me. A petroleum product. I find that regular usage of any type of P cream seems to make it ineffective after about three weeks. But that is just my personal problem with P creams. I also have a combo of two types of perscription meds that the pharmacist makes up for me. It is Betaderm 0.1% and betamethasone valerate 0.1%. use sparingly. I seldom have to use it.

TNT I do not remember seeing skunk oil or pine tar listed on as any of the ingredients of my cosmetics. LOL I sometimes make my own and my perfume is 100% oil , no skunk oil or alcohol added. At least I have had no compliants of stinking like skunk yet LOL.

Rebel Mom, never heard of this oil, but here are two with no chemicals.

I use clobetasol which is a prescription. It works well but I use so little I have had the same tube for ages. It is a very strong steroid cream so I am very careful.

I can not find anything that works on this one spot I have that is very heavy scaled. The rest of them are starting to loose their scales but this one. It is so frustrating.

Can you scrape off the scales or will they just return?

Usually the area bleeds, scabs and then the scales come back. Sorry.

my accupunturist recommended making a paste with tumeric and water. i apply it wrap it to my affected area , my shins, and go to sleep with it. it has taken a couple times but i have noticed a huge difference. he also recommended adding to my food to help with inflamation. i haven't tried that yet... good luck