I have such bad psoriasis all over my hole body that there is not an inch of clear skin the worst part is its all over my face my skin is scared and not one medication I have been given is helping. The pain is so bad I feel like my skin is being torn off with sand paper.

I can’t wear anything but Cotten and sleep on expensive bed sheets because the feeling of some materials feels like its burning my skin I have also lost most of my hair because the rash is so bad.

Dose anyone have anything they have used for bad psoriasis that has worked. Maybe something natural.

There isn't anything more natural than Humira or Enbrel........ I had relief from the psoriasis in hours with Enbrel.

I'm not being funny, both these biologics are Human DNA cultured and grown outside the Human body. Humira is fully humanized,

Poisen Ivy and Hemlock are also natural. I wouldn't recommend either.

I have seen over and over again where JuliefromFL has posted something about witch hazel and glycerin. I'll try to find her site and get back to you. So many people swear by this concoction she has come up with.


I am so sorry! It sounds like you are so uncomfortable. I too had uncontrollable psoriasis , but lucky? (strange word to use) was only only my scalp & feet. My feet were so bad they literally split open on the soles & looked like someone had hacked at them with a knife.and feet & scalp were so sensitive and felt like they were burning. Dermatologist tried everything, all the drugs, all the creams. I had reactions to all of them, but I guess one of them helped (we never could figure out which one LOL)

What DID help me tho, and you are probably already doing some of these things were:

Got rid of ALL soap products /shampoos etc. Only use certain things now & have done for a few years. Soaked my feet for about 10 mins twice daily in a combination of warm salt water, Hamilton bath oil & coal tar solution, then dried before applying whatever creams my doc was trying. Also trie dto get some sun on my feet/scalp.

Tried heaps of different skin washes/shampoos etc (spent a fortune!) My favourites are (& everyone on here will offer up some good choices) KMS Head remedy anti dandruff or sensitive - I alternate them- theres a particular way to use them that my hairdresser explained (can provide more details if you want!) I live in Australia but I also have bought them when visiting the USA (not sure where you live). I use a sorbelene body wash - cheapie from markets or chemist/drug store. Plain sorbelene cream for moisturising.

When visiting Canada/USA a couple of years ago I discovered a product in a Walmart (also in CVS) called Psoriasin ointment (theres also a gel) - basic ingredient is coal tar solution. So soothing & it helped heaps (know I sound like an advertisment but it really helped me) I bought heaps of it & used it frequently (now only occasionally)

I ran out of it !! Much to my horror- so I bought some Coal tar solution & plain old vaseline & experimented till I made my own. It worked. Eventually I fessed up about it to my dermatologist & told him I'd stopped using his creams & made my own- he basically laughed & said thats how they come up with creams etc - experimentation. I have since been back there & bought heaps more.

Sorry for raving on, but if we all share our info then maybe you can find some ideas that work for you?

OMG! My heart goes out to you…I remember the pain of a thousand paper cuts, cos that’s how it felt for me, whenever I moved. Have you seen a dermatologist? Maybe a silly question but I was treated by different GPs for 30 years without success, and just got progressively worse. I didn’t have it much on my face but I would say about 70% coverage with all the types, including up my nose and ‘where the sun don’t shine’ Eventually I was given UVB treatment by a dermatologist with dovobet cream to use post treatment ,I was pain free in 2 weeks and clear in about 10. That was in 2009 and although some has returned I control it with tanning salon trips and the dovobet cream. I’ve been on Methotrexate since 2011 but that hasn’t cleared any remaining patches.
I really hope you find something that works cos I feel I’ve only begun to live since its cleared x

Emu lotion and a tanning bed worked for me (some)

I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I understand what you are going through. I also have psoriasis and have it all over my body, but I don't have it on my face. It is in my hairline and that is bothersome enough. I was put on Sariatane( not sure of spelling) It helped for about 6 mo. but its coming back now. But any relief for awhile is good for me. It is very expensive. But when its on your face cost can't get in the way. I will pray that you can get that med and get it cleared up especially on your face. I can handle it better when its where no one can see it or I hope you can get it so try and see if you can.

May God bless.

Thanks for the tips! I went to see a dermatologist today and he said its the worst he has ever seen. He referred me to someone elts because he won’t prescribe the meds I need. I’m just going to pray when I get the humara it works!!!