Need to vent

Hello everyone in PSA land. Feeling very despondent today and just need to vent. Having a flare-up, could just be the weather as its winter . Had a scan last week confirming degeneration in my neck so basically most of my joints if not all are affected. I had the most amazing few months from Feb to May with minimal pain, lots of energy etc, then it started all over again. Makes me very depressed at times. People often remind me what I have to be grateful for, however sometimes its all just too much to deal with. Im sure most of you feel the same way

I know the feeling. Take some time to baby yourself, and do something for yourself. Sometimes when we get new information, even if it just confirms what we already know, it can put us into a bit of a spin.

I understand. It's so hard to stay positive when the pain and discomfort takes over. Hopefully the flare up doesn't last long.

Take it easy and ride it out. Find something to keep your mind busy or that will help your mood. It's tough when we can't move around like we want.

Venting is welcome, we all need it sometimes. :)

I have felt this way, recently. I have the psa in my hands and feet the worst, but also in my neck and spine. I don't know your age, but at 43, I often feel and appear much older. I was an athlete most of my life until this struck, which makes me confused and angry about getting psa. But, to comfort you, you are in an elite group of survivors, people who take nothing for granted, know the important things in life, give up superficial everything just to get from one day to the next. It's a club no one wants to be in, but we may as well make the best of. I hate it when people give me advice like keep your chin up, or it could be worse. It doesn't comfort the pain i feel. What helps me is a good belly laugh whether it comes from a movie, an outing with the girls, a book of funny stories, a comedy show, or a walk in nature. Find what works for you, don't judge yourself for what it is, and indulge. You deserve it and it will help your physical state. If you needs meds or counseling in addition to, by God, do it. There's only 1 you in this world, you deserve to have the best experience possible, end of story. I'd give ya a hug if I could.