Nail psoriasis / pustular psoriasis

My daughter had severe pustular psoriasis on her hands from the age of 5 to 11. This all started with a yellowed soft thumb nail. To give you an idea of how severe it was: treatments were doak oil soaks followed by diprisone ointment with occlusion 8 hours a day, anthralin regimens started when all signs of the psoriasis was gone (never made it to the 3 hour max until she was 11). Systemic drugs were discussed several times because she was on the strongest steroid ointment with little improvement (scary when you are talking about a small child). She lost her thumbnails several times and a lot of the flesh on her thumb pads). Anyways… 6 years of aggressive steroid use and wearing gloves constantly and it finally went into remission and she’s been pretty good since (a few patches of scales on her elbows and knees). She’s 18 now and has the “pre-cursors” of PsA and is on Celebrex as needed.
Her “bad” thumbnail is turning yellow and lifting (and i could just cry). We have a referal to the derm but i don’t know what (if anything) we can do to slow it down while we wait. I’ve been having her put polysporin cream on it with a bandaid to keep the surrounding skin and exposed portion of the nail bed from cracking and being painful.
She has had “pitting” all of her life, some are much worse and lifting from the ends (the part you clip). The thumbnail is lifting diagonally from the side and nail bed (with the nail bed being the primary lifted area). The nail is curling up producing a “pocket” type area into the nailbed which has a “yellowish” crust (i hope that makes sense). This is like dejavu!!