I went to change my polish the other day and couldn’t help but notice how badly these two fingers are becoming. The thumb I’ve had injected with steroids twice in the past but this last time didn’t help, so I’m not going to subject myself to that again.

Lifting, salmon oil stain. That’s psoriasis, looks just like what I had. A steroid shot won’t help that anyway, but the biologic may. Of course, it takes ages for that to grow out. Enbrel cleared that up completely for me.

Yep definitely nail psoriasis, mine has improved immensely since starting on MTX even my toes! Still have a bit of lifting and splinter haemorrhaging but the pain is minimal now.
Are you having any pain with the lifting? or when you knock your nails?

Oh ya, and when I had that twenty years ago on my toes, it was labelled “fungus”. Defied every prescription treatment known to doc. Still labelled fungus. sigh If you look up images of nail psoriasis, you will see your fingers there. LOL

We biopsied the nail a couple of years ago to rule out fungus on my toes. Yes, they hurt when I bump them wrong. You guys are saying you’ve seen improvement with meds? I’m about to go on Stelara but I’m nervous about it. If it will help this it would be a huge plus in my book.

I know it’s psoriasis of the nails - it just seems to have flared quite a bit in recent days - ugh

Trouble is we never know what the meds are going to help…Both my finger and toe nails are about 70% improved I would say. They completely cleared when I first went on MTX, but have come back at bit, and aren’t painful anymore.
Good luck :slight_smile:

It will depend on your response. Enbrel is known to be good for skin symptoms. I don’t know about Stelara, but you have a good chance that the nail manifestations will improve.