Mtx wearing off

my rhuemy started me on mtx to help with the skyrizi. i take the mtx on a sunday but it seems by saturday the joints and body are telling me that the medicine has worn off. would an increases help one or is it normal for this medicine?

That tends to be fairly normal for any med in my view.

I would think that a higher dose would give you more MTX but for the same amount of time. Your rheumy would have the best answer and may change how you take it.

yes just trying to figure out how to word it

What dose are you taking just now?

I started off on 10mg and ended up on 25mg as it did seem to have less effect on my symptoms.

Did find more side effects as the dose went up right enough and had to switch to injections to get and minimise them.

I take 20mg of MTX on a Friday night (5mg of Folic Acid 48 hours before). By Thursday I am pretty much in PsA agony and just waiting to wake up on Saturday morning more or less mobile and able to move without thinking too much about it first. I used to take 25mg MTX but still had those difficult 36 hours at the end of the week.

I am taking 17.5 with folic acid with 1 mg a day. it seems by Saturday my joints are angry.