Mtx a bust - what's the next step (your experience)

I have been on Mtx for 6 1/2 weeks and if anything I am worse. So I'm thinking it's not working. I am going back to my doc (GP) after the next two doses. Seriously, I live in northern BC and that's the best I can do right now. We are short of docs & even my GP is hard to get in to, in fact I will be seeing a locum.

It's another month until my rheumy appointment at least (still waiting). I am directing my GP as best I can, researching myself and looking for that next step.
Yeah, this sucks. I am trying to get through my days of work, fit in the rest I need, deal with the pain I am having, and all the while I am waiting to see a rheumy who can help - so yeah, I am directing my GP.

So if MTX didn't work for you, what did you try next ? I realize one size does not fit all and what someone else does may not work for me, but I am looking for options. Thanks.

FWIW, I am taking a low Mtx dose - 10 mg a week.

well they say that it takes at least 3 months to see benefits from mtx....I was started at 15mg a week and then after 3 weeks I was bumped up to the max of 20mg a week and during the three months I was in severe pain and also felt like I was getting worse not better but after 3 months of the mtx my rhuemy started me on Humira injections and he gave me a cortisone shot that day and ever since getting the cortisone shot and starting the humira I have been feeling so much better....I hope you start feeling better soon and I hope that your doctors can find a medication that works for you very soon!

Give it a little more time. It took 10 to 12 weeks for the MTX to start working for me, and early on, it also felt as if I was getting worse. I was taking 15mg. per week. Although MTX gave me some relief from the pain and stiffness, I decided to quit taking it as I did not like the side effects. My pain has returned, but I haven't decided on the next course of treatment.