Starting Mtx today

Hi everyone,

I went to see my rheumy on Monday. Man, is she really a great doctor. She spend about 45 minutes with me going over the medication, answering all of my questions, giving me some tips for exercise and vitamin supplements. I am so happy I found her, there isn't any doctor I have ever experienced that does that. She didn't make me feel rushed not even a little bit. I guess I got lucky.

I am now on 40 mg of Humira weekly, 6 mg of medrol (as prednisone did nothing for me) and now on 4 pills of mtx weekly. She recommended folic acid, vitamin d and omega 3, 6, 9. I will take the mtx in the evening on Fridays so it will not interfere with my work, if I have severe side effects. I was told that I could have two drinks two days before each dose.

I'm feeling pretty good but still not 100%, still unable to work a full week but I have been in three days for the past few weeks. I'm excited about the addition of mtx with hopes that it will get me as close to my "normal" as possible.


Congratulations Nguh! I am so glad for you. Even when all symptoms are not gone but you know you are on the right road. It feels so good. I am so happy for you.

thanks michael.

That's great! I'm so glad you have such a good doctor.:)

You're right they don't all offer a lot of info at times. I find I need to know what to ask or just do my own research.