Back on Mtx, I hope it works!

After a 2 week break from Mtx due to severe nausea and vomitting I have been in a lot of pain, in no specific area, just generalised joint pain and extreme morning stiffness. My GP has over-ruled my rheumy and has put me back on the Mtx as he says I need it!! But this time he has started me off on a lower dose of 5mg for the first 4 weeks before increasing to 10mg and taking folic acid every day except Mtx day. The first week has gone well with no significant side effects so far. My GP also did bloods today to monitor everything more closely. I am praying this 3rd attempt will be ‘third time lucky’. Also, next week I am starting on my new hours at work, cutting down from 42 hours per week, to 38hrs… Hoping the half hour less per day will be easier to handle… Hope everyone else it goin ok xox

Doc has me on Mtx as well. I’ve only noticed gripping pain since I started, all throughout my back. Doing 6mg every Tuesday. I guess my question is, are we not supposed to take it the day of injections? (I do injections for Mtx)

Oops, I was talking about the folic acid