MTX is on backorder

Has anyone else had a problem getting their MTX filled. I have been without it for 2 weeks now and my pharmacy said they don't have a delivey date from the manufacturer. I am on an HMO and have to have special permission to get it from another pharmacy. Guess I will have to call my rheumy Tuesday. Hard enough to deal with this stuff and then can't get the meds that we need. gggrrrrr very frustrating.

Haven't had any trouble yet, but rheumy said other patients of hers are waiting for it. It is very aggravating, especially given that she says it seems to be a contrived shortage on the part of the pharmaceutical companies. Makes you wonder when enough is enough for them. Hope you can get an okay to go to another pharm soon!

My doc was talking about starting me on it. They called in the prescription, but the pharmacy says it is on backorder. I really don't want to take it, so I'm not concerned. I just feel bad that others like you have to wait when they are already taking it!

Yikes! I am going to my rhumy Monday ans will be getting a refill of my mtx and hopefully started on humira…mtx hasn’t made a huge diffrence in my symptoms in the last 3 months that I’ve taken it but it scares me to think about missing a dose I will update you Monday if I have the same issue