Methotrexate SHORTAGE

I saw on here a couple weeks back about there might be a MTX shortage.. Well it's now in TN!! I went to my local Sam's Club(where I usually fill my prescriptions) and was told they didn't have any and they didn't have any at their warehouse either. They called all the local Wal-marts in my county and the closest one to me, and they were out too and had NO idea when they could get more!! Walgreens had it... for over $100!!!!!! I usually pay $17 for a 3month supply!

Hi Believer,

I gasped when I read the price Walgreens is asking for MTX. Is that for injectible or oral MTX? Sorry you are having difficulty getting the meds you need!

My rheumy told me a while back that the shortage affected only injectible, but I've heard other people say differently. Kind of hard to believe a "shortage" couldn't have been corrected by now--it's been going on for about two years, as I recall.

I take oral MTX and am in WV. No problems with oral MTX here...yet.

Hope you can get your meds soon!

I do take the oral MTX, 6 pills once a week. I gasped myself! LOL!! I did get it from Publix (a grocery store) pharmacy for a little over $30.. NOT as bad as Walgreens thank goodness!! I have no prescription insurance. I get a "discount" if they are in network. That is why it's so high. Some people just have to pay a copay or nothing at all..

I got it even though I'm trying Enbrel. My ex-rheumy refilled it through our mail order. So now I have a huge bottle but I don't take it. But doc said to keep it for up to 2 yrs even though the script doesn't say that. She said its still good so I'll keep it just in case.Good luck .

maybe Target? Price wise they are similar to Walmart.