Price of Methotrexate

I live in TN and the price of my Methotrexate has gone up exponentially! I have NO prescription INS.. I use to pay $40 TOPS for a 3 month supply. Now, it's gone up to $180 for the SAME prescription.. Anyone else having this issue?? Can I order it out of state, out of country etc!!?!??!?

That is just crazy!! I am so blessed to have the insurance I do and don't know what I would do without it. I don't have any answers for you, but sure hope you find some other way quickly.

I found a Canadian drugstore willing to sell you 100 2.5mg pills for $90.85.

I found another Canadian drug store willing to sell it for considerably less:

I don't know the safety of buying drugs this way.I'm sure someone here has done some research on that.

That’s crazy pricing! Looking up MTX one 24 pack of 2.5mg in the BNF (British National Formlatory) costs £3.25 here in the UK … I like to see how much my drugs cost the NHS.

Mine doesn't cost that. I am in Vermont and use injectable. Can you try a different pharmacy? Are you doing a mail order pharmacy?

I've tried them all here.. I usually use Sam's Club because they are the cheapest.. Walgreens, Kroger, Publix.. they are all even more.. @ Michael the Mail order through the company my ins is through is even more expensive.. @ Andrew., I don't know either!! I found a pharmacy in India, Sun Pharm that was about what I normally pay.. I asked my pharmacist if it was "illegal" or "unwise" before I bought anything, and his reply was it is not illegal, but when you buy prescriptions from anywhere other than local pharmacies you never know if you're actually getting the correct drug or dosage and there is no way to test it.. UGH!!! I need to make a good decision.. just don't know what direction to go...

That is awful! I wonder if I could double my dose and send you the extra! No I would not buy drugs from India nor China. There must be another way. Can your doc help with this?

Actually Michael I bet that the generics we buy here in the US come from India. But it seems that you get a better price in VT. Remicade believer could probably mail order them from your pharmacy.

I hadn't thought of that, you are probably right Andrew, ugh. I can check with my pharmacy. Remicadebeliever, my pharmacy is Curascript.

I use the injectable, and have bought it three times now. For 10 ml. I paid about $75 the first time, then $22, then $45. I'll need it again soon, and hate to see what it will jump to this time! I don't get why it varies so much. They have had supply problems with the injectable. By any chance are you also on a biologic? I know the payment assistance plan for Humira said they would also cover methotrexate.

That is a great idea! My appointment is tomorrow and I'll find out.. Yes Louise, I'm on Remicade. @ Michael is Curascript an online pharmacy or one in your hometown?

It seems to be an online pharmacy:

I have not been able to get into curascript's online site to find the price of injectable mtx. I do not seem to have the right ID number to get into my account and I have not saved any receipts :-( But I did find it on northwest pharmacy (a Canadian site for American patient's) their price is good: 160.00 for 20 cc under the name of Rheumatrex which is the other name for mtx. I hope this helps remicadebeliever.

I'm sorry I didn't see this before....

Somewhere in your area there should be a community health clinc. Most of them have a Federal 340(b) pricing program pharnacy attached. Their is a few hoops to jump through and they may require one of their docs to sign off on the script etc etc. but you should be able to get it for about 20 bucks or so.

Found it:

My Dr's office recommended a pharmacy today that they use.. cash price is $55 for a 3month supply.. My pharmacy is $160 for a 3 month supply.. I'm getting it transferred NOW!!! Thank you everyone!!!!