Good News!

I called my Rheumy in Texas, and they agreed to switch my MTX prescription from pill form to injectable. I picked it up today...

I USED to pay anywhere between $75-$130 a month for my pills each month. The vial of injectable MTX and syringes ( a 3 month supply!!) cost $48. THANK YOU to the folks on this board who told me about the injections and that it would save me money. I can now go back to weekly MTX treatments, which means I am treating the actual PsA instead of just taking stuff to treat the symptoms.

I also finished the final paperwork for the Remicade Patient Assistance Program. At the clinic last weekend, the doc was having another one of his "confused" days, so I asked if he would sign it and put in his license information, and if he would trust me to fill out the rest and fax it in...and he said yes. So I finished up that paperwork and faxed it over on Tuesday. Hopefully, I can begin the Remicade in the next couple of weeks.

Things are starting to look up again.

Good to hear, tmbrwolf! Thank you for updating us.

Great :) I have been using injectable MTX for a long time due to RNY bypass and never had a problem. Good luck with the Remicade I could not afford it.

Great news ! Thanks for sharing - we need to hear good news !!!

Well that’s a score! I don’t understand why the tablets are the first choice for prescribing. I asked for the injectable from my first rheumatologist, and she said “we always start with the pills”. Three months later, she put me on the injectable because she said “sometimes it works better than the pills”. I do not get it. Anyway, that is great for you!

And I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your Remicade assistance. THAT would be really great.

That's fantastic !

YEAH!!!!! so happy for you. Remicade worked great for me for a while. You are on your way to feeling better and living life large!

Update: The injectable MTX is having a positive effect on my psoriasis. I actually have a few small patches that are starting to disappear. This is great! Unfortunately, not seeing (or feeling) any difference in my PsA. In fact, the PsA is progressing very quickly and I'm starting to really worry. I still have heard no word about the Remicade, so I am calling the patient assistance program tomorrow to see if I can do anything to speed the process up. Wish me luck.