Methotrexate shortage?

One of the gals from the Lupus site was asking if anyone else is having difficulty getting their MX, seems to be a shortage?? Anyone experiencing problems?

From what I understand (from an article a couple of months ago), the shortage is on injectable mtx that does not have preservative in it. It is used for injecting into the spine forbids with certain types of cancers. The spinal cord/fluid cannot take the preservative. Without the preservative, there is a short shelf life. As mtx is generic, it does not command the big bucks so companies do not make much on it and the have to destroy what is out of date. this leads to the shortage.

The paradox being if u pay, and can afford through insurance of self, big bucks, the medicine is there. If the medicine is cheap, it may not be there even though is it life saving.

Late last year we had a big shortage on injectable Mtx w/preservative. Recently, I have started taking it again and haven't had any difficulties obtaining it.

I, too, had problems getting my MTX a few months ago. I had been receiving it from a Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy, and then, one month it was no longer available. My rheumy was able to get me the pills, but not the injectibles.

I guess that the small 25ml vials were not available, only the larger 100 ml vials. However, my doctor told me that she didn't want me to use that since it was more likely to become contaminated with 4 needle draws.

It seems that now it's ok; but I am receiving it from another place. I guess that some places carry it and others don't. So bizarre!

Wow, that stinks!

The FDA shows there is a shortage on the injectible right now, with and without preservatives, due to high demand. It looks like only 1 vendor has some. The best place to check is the FDA's Current Drug Shortages list:

If you keep an eye on this list, it will also tell you if they are anticipating an upcoming shortages of a certain medication.
This list used to only have a few things on it at a time... it's amazing the amount of drugs that are "unavailable" lately. I wonder why?

**You can ask your pharmacy to order it from a certain company on this list, and you can also call your doctor's office -- he most likely will have some, so you can go get your shot there. (MTX seems to be unavailable from time to time, we used to cover shots for everyone in our Rheum office.)

Thus far I have been able to get it- I worked with the Walgreens pharmacist and he knows I need 2 vials per month so he orders it ahead for me. I had to wait to receive the first dose- but after that it worked.

I have been able to get 2 vials a month from Curascript/Express Scripts without any troubles.