Methotrexate and the heat!

Is anyone else feeling awful on Methotrexate and the heat ????? I am on it to suppliment my Remicade. So I take 6 pills every sunday which is a large dose. Most often I take 3 in the am and 3 in the afternoon. I usually get an awful headache after , and Im usually sick for 1 to 2 days after . The heat seems to really not agree with it... and I can often times be a BEAR !!! Latley I feel usless and depressed being on MTX and living with this disease.. its overwhelming and too much to take at times. I have been a Remicade and MTX patient for 4 years and I am only 31 years old ...

I know that you are not suppose to be in the sun when your doing meth it say's on package i usually get an allergy reaction when i'm in the sun so i try to avoid it. I also do enjection's with the meth . I use to take six pills ,but now i do enjections. It would make me sick to my stomach doing pill form so much better doing enjection. I know another darn enjection what can i say. It's not an easy one.

I also do folic acid.

Hi Ashly,

I usually take it just before bed to try to sleep through the headache, which usually works. Also, try really hard to drnk plenty of water and be hydrated before you take it - the headache does feel like a dehydration headache, and seems to be minimized by water.

I also use folic acid the next day, and find that if I forget it, that’s when I get sick the day after - so it might be worth doubling your folic acid to see if that will help.

I’m sorry it’s hit you so early. I’m 37 with a toddler, and it can be so overwhelming thinking about how I’ll be coping in 5 or 10 or 20 years.

Good luck :slight_smile:

hi , yes I take folic acid every day :) amd I think I will try taking it at bed again. I think before I didnt sleep well with it ... I totally get what you saY about thinking years ahead. and at Donnd, I avoid sun as much as possible .... even though I love the beach :( this disease as surley robbed me of my life I feel... but its one foot infront of the other and thats all we can do !!

hi i hope your feeling better but im in the same boat and im only 25 i never thought anything like this would happen i was a pretty healthy teen i thought but after having my daughter in 05 is when the pain started and now the open sores are covering my body i dont even want my husband to look at me and whats worse is the pain and running around after my kids and god i need a sitter sometimes and im on the folic acid , humira , and the meth stuff too 4 pills a week and im still getting no relief and im filling for social security because i cant work did you?