Headaches :(

Hi guys, I’m in my 2nd month of methoxtrate 15mg
And I’d say every day I have headache, I have been
Taking painkillers for this, please tell me this will go away
Soon ;( also how soon will my symptoms go away
I still have feet pain, finger, and elbow, my SI joint pain is always there,
Has eased a little but still there , 

Hi sjg, I'm sorry that you've been having such chronic headaches. I didn't have headaches as a side effect (it was stomach/gastro issues for me) with MTX. You might want to try keeping yourself *really* well-hydrated - to the point where you have to urinate every hour or two - on the day before and the day that you take your MTX. This can help with many of the side effects of MTX. And who knows, maybe the rest of your body will appreciate the extra fluids as well.

I'm just coming up on 1 year with MTX, having just bumped up the dose to 17.5 mg/week, two weeks ago. After 6 months of MTX, my rheumatologist put me on Enbrel as well. I still have pain, but not as severe as before, and when it is painful, it is for shorter periods of time.

Be sure to let your doc know about the headaches - s/he may have other thoughts to help calm them. I wish you many pain-free days!

I'm in my second month of methotrexate. I'm going up to 20 mg this week. I have a headache on MTX day, and I feel OK for the rest of the week. I have also noticed very mild headaches when I am tired (like now). I don't usually get headaches.

Are you on folic acid supplements on the days you don't take MTX? That, apparently, helps with the side effects.

My pain is in my feet, and I've noticed no improvement yet. I do seem to have more energy than I've had for a while, but maybe that's my imagination. Or perhaps good things are starting to happen.



I too am having headaches a trouble with my stomach. Andrea I am drinking more water thanks for the suggestion. I am only taking 10 MG now hope it don't get worse. I see my doctor the 8th so I guess I can let her know then.

I can tell you that the headaches get better!! Also, if they are very bad, maybe look into MTX injections instead of pills. So many of my side effects went away with the injections. Along with being very well hydrated, I like to eat salty foods before taking it. Somehow this helps. Originally I was convinced it was cheetos! LOL. One MTX day I had a craving for Cheetos and the next day was the first day I woke up with NO side effects! So I started always eating Cheetos and it helped. My doc laughed at me, and suggested I stop the fake cheese junk food! It was the only junk I was eating! So now I just eat salty stuff and it works. I can’t eat Cheetos now… The sight of them turns my stomach LOL

thanks for the replys guys, all the advise really helps, I have been drinking lots more water and this seems to help a little, so maybe this is the way for me, but still have muggy headaches, ugh, the sypmtoms are still there but not as severe, but still very very sore, especially my fingers and feet, and back, haha, all over really, thanks again, great site, hope ye are all doing better today, :slight_smile: