MTX Headache?

I've been taking oral MTX, 15 mg/week, for about four years. Over the past three months, I've developed some pretty awful headaches that seem to correspond to my MTX dosing (they're worse a couple of days following dosing). Of course, I always implicate MTX when anything happens, so I'm blaming it for the headaches, too, even though I know it may not be the culprit.

The only thing I have found that helps is arthritis-strength acetaminophen (Tylenol). It's a very high dose and I'm sure it isn't wise to take that much with MTX, as both can be liver toxic. But the headaches are so bad that, I confess, I would take the whole bottle if it were the only way to get relief.

Has anyone else had headaches from MTX? Is there any safe relief?

I had the headaches when I started Enbrel and also when my doctor switched me to Humera. I could feel when the headache was coming and found that if I drank a cup of coffee when I felt it coming it helped and the pain wasn’t so bad. If I waited until I had the pain it didn’t help. Coffee is not the best medicine but it beats having take more medication than I’ll already take. I’m on Orencia now and the headaches are gone. Discuss your options with your doctor. I hope you find relief soon.

I've been on MTX for a few months now, and have just increased my dose to 15mg/wk. I also get headaches and nausea for a few days after my weekly dose. They were just starting to get less severe and we increased the dose. Not much seems to help the headaches I get. Hope they fade again in time.

I've been on MTX since April. Currently injecting 25mg and have started having headaches the day after injection. I called the pharmacist and he said it was fine to take Tylenol for the headache. I'm also taking 4 Sulfasalazine a day, two in the morning and two at night. I believe the headache have started with the new addition. With each increase in MTX was an increase in nausea the day after. Personally I'd like to get off the MTX as the side effects have sometimes been worse then the PSA and it's impacting my quality of life.

I would contact your rheumy or doctor and see what he/she recommends. Good luck :-)

According to my rheumatologist, the lifespan of MTX is approximately 4-5 years before the AE’s catch up to you. I’d call your doctor and let him know. Besides, if you haven’t had your liver biopsies, it’s getting close to that time. I never had any headache on my brief stint with MTX, but I did with Enbrel. However, headaches are a known issue with Enbrel.