Methotrexate and Insomnia

Just wondering if anyone out there has trouble sleeping the night you take you MTX?

I have had trouble sleeping 3 out of the 5 weeks I have been on it. Last night being the worse.

I just increased from 4 (10 mg) to 5 tablets (12.5 mg). I usually just loose my appetite the next day and a slight headache. The insomnia seems to be the worse side effect so far. Any insight would be helpful...



I'm taking 8 tablets of mtx and tramadol occasionally. My insomnia is worse if I take tramadol after 7pm. Even though it makes me drowsy, it does not help me to fall asleep. Are you taking tramadol or anything else?

No nothing else…so not sure if it’s the MTX or just a coincidence. I am a very light sleeper anyways.

Hi Ann...I wish i would lose my appetite!

I'm on 6 mtx pills, i do get a little upset stomach from them, and take prilosec for that.

I'm bad, have to fall asleep with the TV on quietly, but i take Melatonin, about 4 hours before bed, or i have previously taken Tylenol PM to make me fall asleep. But first check with your doctor

Prednisone is the one that gives me insomnia, if i take it at night

Take care