Measles coming back

Am I the only one scared about the measles coming back?

Interesting question. If you’re not sure of your immunization status you can talk to your doctor about checking titers or getting revaccinated.

It’s actually within a few miles of where I live now. It’s spreading in the metro NY area because it was brought back to the states by an unvaccinated ultra - Orthodox child who traveled to Israel and brought it back. So it’s spreading at a good clip through the ultra Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, Rockland County, and now Westchester County. There’s an enclave about three miles from where I live where there were two families diagnosed after visiting friends in Rockland County.

So in terms of my level of concern, I’m not too worried. I know that my entire family has been vaccinated properly. And the vast majority of my community has been vaccinated, except for these small Religious communities.

Is there a reason for your concern? Has measles entered your area?

My concern is that fringe ideas about vaccination continue to shape how common folk think about it. I know there are a few rare cases where someone may have an allergy but that is about it. The implications of not getting vaccinations has implications for everyone. So my concern is not about anything local but generally those who do not get vaccinated.

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All my vaccinations are up to date I was just curious if people are scared about them coming back knowing we are on medicines that affect our immunity.

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Got it. I’m not particularly worried. That said, when I saw a few orthodox girls in town today the thing that crossed my mind was definitely measles.

It did worry me a few years back when there was an outbreak at my daughters kindy - very close quarters since not only was she there all day, 5 days a week, though she was vaccinated, I dropped and picked her up every day whilst on Humira, MTX and prednisone.

I was fine, though lucky to have a Rheumy who called me back on the day when I was panicking about IGg supplementation (or something - so long ago I’ve forgotten the treatment!)

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I had measles when I was 4 or 5 years old, so am safe.

Quite a long time ago! But I do remember it being nasty, a long time in bed in a darkened room, definitely one to avoid.

I also remember biting the doctor who tried to winkle me out from under the bed covers. Haven’t done that since though.