My daughter was sick last week and I had her at the doctor's office a few times, culminating blood work and prednisone. She had hives, fever, red throat and swollen/painful joints. The prednisone, as expected, made it all better.

I spoke with her pediatrician this morning. Everything had come back clean, including Lyme disease. But she tested positive for a current mono infection.

So here is my question. I understand that most adults will test positive to past infection. I'm not so certain that I would. Seeing that I am on a biologic, do Its MY doctor know? Or not worry unless I get sick in the next six weeks or so?

call your rheumy. SOME not many may choose to give you a gamma shot. Mono requires direct contact with saliva, so hand washing etc. is critical. You should be fine. Somehow that disease like young folk and leaves the rest of us alone. Prolly because most of us have had it, and didn't know it.

Hopefully your daughter has a minor case and recovers quickly. You should be able to make her blush on command for years now that she has "kissing disease" Ammunition and power like that can be a wonderful thing lol.

I would check with your rheumy about your daughter to. Just because the blood work says mono, doesn't mean there isn't a chance of reactive arthritis.

Thanks. I put in a call to my ending about me, but the fever and red swollen joints had me very concerned. If this does not return with her, do I still need to be concerned? She's just 12.

And yes, she's embarrassed.

A consult with your rheumie is best for you daughter. She may have gotten a bent gene or two from mom.

I don't mean to sound like a creepy old man but middle school girls are prolly one of my favorite. They move from 17 magazines to Barbie dolls in moments. They are truly fun to tease. What their thing with horses is, is beyond me. They are lot of fun in the woods too. Much tougher than their boy counter parts. Although they quickly get the idea camping is no poolside drink service..............

OMG Lamb you make me laugh. You are too funny.

I too adore middle school girls and I am not a creepy old man. I only had boys but one of my sons had a lot of girl friends. Pure heaven for me.

One of my sisters was horse crazy and I think I figured it out. If you watch middle school girls they are a bit horse like. They run across a room or pasture with their legs and arms akimbo like an uncoordinated colt one moment. The next moment they are pacing with grace and elegance like a pure bred. Very horse like don't you think?

Stoney I will keep your daughter in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure it will all work out ok. <3

I think I'll do that then, take her for a consult. I'm well aware she is at risk, especially because there is a fairly strong autoimmune component on my side, and my husband has psoriasis. She didn't get dealt a great hand there, but she's a good kid.

This age is really fun, I get what you're saying. VERY fun to tease. My newest thing is that she is SO embarrassed that I wear crocs around the house. I mess with her on that, do bad hairstyles just to embarrass her, etc. It's just too easy sometimes.

I used to take my girls shopping wearing plaid shorts sandals with black socks and Hawaiian shirts if they didn't get their chores done.........

They get even though. My middle daughter talked me into waxing my back.... I thought it was an advanced version of them "fixing my hair"

I hear you Stoney. I have a great deal of guilt as one of my sons has a lot of my auto immune symptoms. I ahvwe to keep reminding myself there are so much worse things to inherit or happen to kids. It helps. I also remind myself all the new drugs will be available to them so they will have much better control.

I use to tell mine if they weren't in for curfew I would hunt them down with rollers in my hair, in a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, drinking a can of "bud" and smoking and I would crush the can against my head if they didn't get in the car immediately. They never tested me on it! Threat of embarrassment works well on both sexes!

I had one of the boys cars towed from a kegger once. They were far enough from the cars no one saw it towed. I can't remember how long I let him squirm, but it was a while. I eventually had it returned and set on blocks as it was a long while before he got it back. His price per wheel was huge. And at 50 cents an hour for "extra chores" he spit a lot of wood...............

Serves him right. If mine had taken my car to a kegger I might have danced while removing clothing at their party....... Luckily neither were drinkers and never drank and drove. One we needed to hide all the keys from, he would drive anything at all hours of the day and night way over estimating his abilities. The other is still scared of driving. He way under estimates his abilities. Both have had accidents so I do not know which is better. Just different.

I'll bet he is a strict Dad. Nothing like the reformed to preach......

I often wonder if Adam would have been like that. He loved fast cars and women. But he had a heart of gold and was always looking out for the young and the weak in a very wonderful way. And had a mega watt smile that melted all hearts. Unfortunately I caught him and his friends lighting fire crackers in the back pasture. Only problem was they were "holding" them in their flies so they could use both hands. And I had David with me. I will never forget the look of horror on his little 11 yo face! Adolescent boys have such trouble seeing consequence even when it is readily apparent to their younger brothers!

I will say this though if I had started with my girls, we'd have had an only child. TYhe boys just let it hang out there pure momentum that can be controlled, the girls.... not so much I understand that smile.

Dano got into a spot of trouble with the police for watering flowers and I was called down to the cop shop. There were three others in the same situation they were all sitting face to the wall and cuffed. Dano was playing cards with the sgt. I made sure he was okay and went home. The others got bailed out. Dan went before the judge the next morning and was told he was probably lucky he got left. "Don't I know it" said Dan. His buds spent 90 days in the Attention Home being "evaluated" Dans charges were reduced to littering From MIP and public urination/indecent exposure. It was the High School Principals house they were "watering the flowers" at. Dan swore they look wilted. By the time he got done planting flowers for the parks department, I don't think he has looked at one since. His old brother was the same way with a wee bit less charm. Like you I wonder daily how it would have turned out for him. I wonder if I hadn't talked the county attorney into dropping the charges from his "drive" through a a city park so he could join the service, what would have happened....

Yeah me too. But we can't go back and change anything as much as we may want to. David does not have the mega watt smile even if his smile cost more than 5000.00 but he has all of the charm Adam had but in a different way. People love David. He wants to be a diplomat or a minister. I sometimes wonder what influence Adam's death had on that decision. And I look at Bengazi and worry.......But they have to make their own decisions at that age. All we can do is support and pray and live well.

I hear what you are saying about girls vs boys. In the sixties in Vermont billboards were made illegal. The few we had were grandfathered in until "nature took them down". Well I and some chums used to drive around in the middle of the night in a hearse "helping" nature with some huge saws. My poor father. Between my sisters and I it is a wonder than man lived as long as he did. Not a princess in the bunch.

Uh oh. I just realized just how much we hijacked Stoney's thread. I am sorry Stoney but really enjoyed the story telling.

Sorry to have hijacked your thread Stoney...... Funny where things go. As you may or may not know Michael and I have both lost a son in military action.

In any event as the mod team was processing the events of the last day both on and of line one of the mods mentioned wouldn't it be funny if we ended up with a MMJ thread to complete the week (one of the other communities just had one the resulted in several suspensions and a poofing or two) Well guess what we got? As that thread developed Michael and I both had the same thought. We would have done ANYTHING to keep our boys. For someone to endanger their future and the future with their children because they would sooner sit in a cannabis induced haze than deal with medication simply does not compute. For us I know we would do it if it was certain death to be with our kids.

Understand Stoney we do know every ounce of the fear you must have for your daughter. Please don't think we are making light. This experience will become legend in your family. Enjoy it. As Michael remembers her son with a fir cracker in his fly, I remember mine trying to put the fire out in the kitchen when tried microwaving batteries to recharge them. You are a great Mom stoney. Your daughter is VERY lucky.

And for the rest of you cut us some slack when we can't understand WHY someone wouldn't do everything in their power no matter personal cost/discomfort to make sure that relationship happened continued. You have NO CLUE as to out restraint and the support of our fellow mods this afternoon.

Very well put Lamb. I do not understand having 2 beautiful babies and young wife while puffing weed soaking in a pool and the sun. I have worked so hard to stay up right while fighting this disease with every weapon at my disposal. I have worked hard at leaving something for one son (and husband) and raising that son to be a good man in a sometimes wacky world with good friends (and sometimes family) around him while burying the other. I do not understand and am afraid I do not deal well with such idolatry.

Stoney you are a good mother. Your child is lucky. If some of our children turn out to have the beast we will teach them to control it with grace and heart. They will not make selfish decisions based on what feels good at the moment but make decisions for now and later. And we will show them how to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

And yes Lamb both I and my husband would have laid down our lives in an instant to keep Adam safe. Unfortunately we were not offered a choice.

No offense taken whatsoever. The storytelling is somewhat entertaining, especially as my 12 year old is the older one. With her, she's always been a good kid overall. The things that I have found myself telling my 7yr old son are just legendary. I get it.

I can't even begin to imagine losing a child. The thought terrifies me. Everything else, it can be dealt with.

Thanks Stoney. You get it. I use to be terrified of it too. You are right everything else can be dealt with. I am a better mother having lost one. Too bad he can't benefit from that.

You did save he and his friends from a very painful self imposed vasectomy................... AND our whole house didn't burn down...............