Hello Remission!

Hi everyone! I’ve been gone for a few months but I wanted to check back in and give you all some wonderful news…
That’s right. Remission. Saw my rheumy yesterday and he confirmed it. 3 months into remission. He thinks it is a shock to my system after having shingles, but Hey!, I’ll take it. I haven’t used a single medication in 3 months!!

I do have to keep an eye on things to make sure PsA doesn’t sneak up on me. And honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. But for now I am really happy and enjoying life.

Happy holidays everyone and Merry Christmas!


What fantastic news for you to share with us @amielynn38. Congratulations on your good health!

Awesome news, Amielynn! How wonderful it must be for you. Interesting, that something as nasty as shingles could shake up your immune system for the better!
Congratulations … but don’t go away, we love having you here.
All the best for a happy holiday season and long live the remission!

Thanks guys. I would never go away!!

Where can I buy some shingles?

Awesome news amielynn, enjoy!

I can’t stop thinking about what has happened to you. For a start, you were suffering so much and working so hard to keep up with your little one that it feels like finally there is some justice in the world!

And then there’s the process that may have led to your remission. What a mysterious so & so the immune system is (mysterious to me, anyway).

Fantastic…so glad you shared …best wishes

Sybil, I know. It feels very mysterious to me as well. I am stumped and so is my rheumy, but I am very thankful for the break at least. Who knows how long this will last but I am going to enjoy every minute of it. We are going to Disney World in February to have a wonderful time with our kiddo. I wasn’t looking forward to all the walking and activity but now I am excited. It’s just one day at a time.

I still keep things within my limits. I rest as much as I can. I have very supportive shoes with insoles in them to help with my arch support. Thanks Sybil, I don’t know what is going on here but I am very happy.

MacMac, Thanks!!

Sybil, LOL!!! I just saw your comment about the shingles!! I am sure you could find someone with the virus and rub up against them!!! Hahaha! I don’t recommend it. It hurt, ALOT!!

Congradulations Amielynn! What a blessing for a deserving lady! So often people get second chances and throw them away, it is awesome to see you grab your opportunity and enjoy it…
Sybil, be careful about what you wish for…I work with a 30 yr old who takes remicade for Chrones and had shingles. He was in a ton of pain then after went into a massive flare and missed almost a month of work. So no rubbing people, lol!

Yes, maybe rubbing on people is not the best idea… EEWWW!!!
Thanks Rachael! I am very happy and enjoying this moment. I will say the daily exercise has really helped. It’s only 23 minutes but it makes a huge difference.

You’d better not. :angry:
Wishing you and your family a restful, and joyful holiday, Amielynn! And thanks again for dropping by with some great news.

Mum had shingles last Christmas and everyone stayed away. NOW you tell us!

This is great news, though. Enjoy your freedom!

Gosh, Darinfan, you missed your chance …
Hope your Mum recovered OK. It’s a horrible thing: my Mum got it too. Me, I’ve had the shingles vaccine. If I’d only known! NOT

Luckily Mum got away lightly. I’ve never had it to my knowledge, although there was a time when it was thought I had it without the rash, but I doubt that was the case in hindsight. Wouldn’t it be nice if having a cold worked the same way? We’d be rubbing up against anyone who sneezes in the shopping centre in the hope we might have a bit of time off from the PsA!

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‘I was trying to catch his shingles, officer … I was, honestly, I’ve got PsA and … hey, get these handcuffs off me!!!’

My goodness!! I am laughing so very hard Sybil!!! the visual was excellent! Please people, don’t get caught rubbing on shingles victims. It might make the national news!!