My sister just called and her husband has came down with the mumps. We live in the same city and I was around him on Thanksgiving and saw him briefly yesterday. I am around my nieces and nephews some as well.

Put a call into the doctors office and they are checking on it. I checked with my mother and I have not had the mumps. I was vaccinated for it when I was little and again in college in 1987 when it was required for a reboost.

Anyway, the doctor did not sound thrilled to say the least. My mom has not been vaccinated and I am around her all the time.

I guess I have something else to worry about now. Oh yeah, my husband did not go and get his booster shot in college.

Anyone know anymore until I hear back from the doctors.

Wow, mumps!!! Did you get another booster if you have been pregnant?

My last booster was 1987