Flu shot

Ok my immediate family has all had their flu shot Yeah! But my sister told me she is not going to do her family until the week of Thanksgiving. We are suppose to be spending Thanksgiving together and I would like for her to get her flu shot now! Does it really matter when my other family members get theirs?

It shouldn't matter at all. If you have already had your flu shot, you should be fine. Your concern is herd immunity?

I agree with Stoney. As long as you have had your flu shot, you should be OK. Maybe you don't want to be the only well person taking care of the people with the flu! I get mine every year because I am on a biologic. I don't know if my son and his family have theirs and I don't really worry about it.

Germs are everywhere, even in the air that we breathe. Some people are allergic to the preservatives in the vaccinations, some opt to avoid vaccinations at all. I have learned to relax, take the universal care (wash hands, etc.), and not let it bother me. (I was germophobic when I started taking biologics, but I learned to relax and enjoy the company of others) My sister taught me that when we love others, it includes their faults, too. Enjoy your family and have fun. =)