Losing teeth and PsA

Has anyone heard of losing teeth? I’ve lost all but three. I started long before anyone heard of PsA. Is there any connection?

I haven't had any problems myself but I do have a friend who had a history of peridontal disease. Once her dentist heard about her PsA diagnosis he told her that the two do, often, go hand in hand. Interestingly since she's been on a biologic her dental health has improved beyond all recognition. I expect (although I don't know for sure) is that it's because PsA is known to cause extra-articular features affecting the bodies mucus membranes so mouth, eyes, urinary system and intestines.

Do you have dry mouth symptoms? Autoimmune diseases run in herds, so if you have psoriatic arthritis, you might also have some Sicca symptoms normally associated with Sjogren's.

I noticed with my methotrexate i get more bacteria in my mouth. I also get more plack. I make sure now i brush twice daily ,dental floss after ever meal and use a water pic. I have to get my teeth cleaned every three months,its when i started the methotrexate.

MTX dehidrates you for sure! I noticed I could never drink enough water when on it. I can no longer take it and still swear I need more water still but could be the other meds still use but big difference now not on it. If you take MTX water water water! This will effect teeth because bacteria thrive in a dry mouth.

This is an interesting question... I have had to get all of my teeth pulled about a year ago and now have dentures. The started to get loose and dentist said there was only one solution. I hadn't been diagnosed with PSa and thought it had to do with my anemia. But the loose teeth happened so fast, I now think that it was a combination of PSa and my anemia problems. I am taking MTX and have very dry mouth - I have to have a mint in my mouth the entire time I work and it still gets dry. I have tried the drug store remedies but found that breathsavers mints work the best to keep my mouth wet. Thanks for asking this question because I didn't really think about my dental problems was due to my PSa but it makes sense now.