Need help!

Hello all,

I am new to this board and really hoping for some support. I was diagnosed with PsA and fibromyalgia last January after a year and a half of pain, going to many doctors, being misdiagnosed and even not believed. A regimen of mobic and methotrexate calmed my symptoms down the most they'd been since this all started. However, everytime I start to feel like I can pick myself back up something else happens. This summer I dislocated my elbow and broke my arm falling in my yard. Shortly after, I got a large infection/abcess in one of my teeth and up into my sinuses that I *cannot* get rid of. It's been 3 months of horrible headaches and earaches. I had to have one molar extracted, and now it looks like despite a root canal and retreatment may need a second tooth extracted. I am just having a hard time making a decision about this. The antibiotics dont' seem to work, doc said it wasn't worth going off of methotrexate for this tooth. But if it's pulled I will have no teeth on my upper right jaw. I am only 37 for God's sake. It just seems to take FOREVER for anything to heal.

As a result I feel like all of my ability to focus on what I need to do for myself and family is dwindling and I am feeling very sorry for myself. I have been so cranky with my kids lately, and am dreading the holidays.

Thank you for letting me vent. If anyone has any stories about dental infections on these meds and if they ever cleared up please let me know. I need to figure this thing out and get back to a better place of acceptance.

Thanks, Carly

HI Carly

I am sorry that you are going through all of this. I am like you I am 37 and I had to get a partial for my two top teeth because of meds and drying my mouth out and have to be taken out. I only have about 5 teeth on top left. I hope you get some relief from this.


While on methotrexate I had a similar dental problem and I was immediately taken of it until the antibiotics had a done their job. Although the Psa pain got worse for a while the tooth pain went away. PsA always seems to be about making a compromise.

Oh my I do understand your suffering, I had so much trouble with my teeth, I had to make a hard decision and the pain was horrible, I could not have the work done because, everytime I would be weeks in pain after the work would be done and infections, the worst thing is my teeth were fine. It was facial nerve pain so I chose to pull and go with partials. Hard choice, but pain free, had it done at 45, two years ago. It is a tough road to acceptence, but Carly, no pain in my mouth now, and that is worth soooo much more!!!!!!! Those who love me, accept me, and that is what counts the most, our love ones do not want us to suffer if we do not need to! Decide what is good and acceptable to you, this is about you, verify your options, each person is different. I wish the answers were all easy ones but that is not always true....Hugs!

Hi Carly,

I get where you're coming from. In March I had a similar thing happen to one of my bottom molars. About 3 months of antibotics and a root canal later, today it is back. Unfortunatly, for those of us with this disease, very few dentists understand or have the knowledge to treat patients with auto-immune diseases. I have tried many and have left many due to their lack of knowledge regarding my medications, which as you know add to the problem. I am 44 and have been diagnosed since 2005, therefore having many dental problems through the years.

Another problem with all of this is; dental insurance. I don't know if you have it or not, our family has it but we might as well not since it will not cover the things most dentists reccommend for treatment. Our family does NOT have the money to "dump" into a situation, that by all accounts for the future, is a "money pit". I have decided that I will have let my teeth go; a VERY HARD decision, but really the only one to make health wise and financially for my family.

Most of my life with this disease, I have felt very trapped and feeling guilty for my husband and children. I am NOT the picture of wife/mother I thought I would be.

The last dentist I went to suggested using "dry mouth" products to help with some of the problems associated by the meds and disease. They have provided some comfort especially at night when I go to bed. They have not "cured" any of the cold sores or infections below teeth. They have helped slow the amount of cold sores I have gotten; not as many as I used to get. I do take 5mg of folic acid daily...I am on Remicade and injectable MTX once a week. I find my mouth bother me more on the day of MTX and the following 2 days. Unfortunately, about the time it starts to feel better, its time to do it all over again.

Make sure your doctors or dentist are putting you on a "strong" antibotic and not amoxcillin each time. My doctors know this is very important in order to stop the "coming back" of such infections. My dentist didn't want to do it but after "teaching" him about my disease and its effects, he was alright to do so.

I hope you get to feeling better soon and I'm sorry about my "rant" here, but it is so frustrating at times, isn't it? Keep us posted on your progress...Anne Marie

I know this is an old thread, but a new problem for me. I’ve been on mtx about a month and today had to make an urgent visit to the dentist for an abscessed gum. Wondering if this is going to happen a lot, if there is anything I can do about it, and what’s a “strong” antibiotic (I got penicillin. Is there something stronger?). Would definitely appreciate advice. Thanks!

Most low dose penicillin is not going to make a punch to our immune systems. They are good for people living without auto-immune diseases but not for us. Because our medications are controlling our immune systems by killing off white/red blood cells, a stronger antibotic is typically needed to be used during times of illness. My doctors put me on Augmenten for 5-7 days, oterwise known as "Z-pack". At times I have had to be on longer doses of it and stop my other meds for that time in order to give the antibotics a fighting chance.

My adviceto everyone: arm yourself with knowledge about your disease and its effects. Then educate yourself about illness and your disease. Be sure to include talking with your doctors about these things and also using the internet to find research/information/support as we have here.

Good Luck and better health for the future!