Psa and teeth/jaw

Has anyone had psiorisis on their teeth or jaw teeth sensitivity and pain? What was the outcome?

As far as I know you can not get psoriasis on your teeth. It is a skin only disease. I do get joint pain and stiffness in my jaw joints from PsA which affects joints and tendon. I have some sensitivity in my teeth but I think that may be due to age not PsA. My mouth gets sore form the mtx so I use a sensitive toothpaste in addition to folic acid as prescribed.

When my PsA symptoms hit hard this year I had jaw pain - to the point of not being able to chew at all. I saw a TMJ specialist who swore it couldn't be PsA but as soon as I started treating for the PsA the jaw pain went away.

Michael - How much folic acid do you take?

I take 2 mgs. I was on Leukavorin(sp?) prior to this. It worked better so I may return to it instead of 2 mg of folic acid.

I am not currently taking any. I changed from mtx to sulfazalintaes. She did not put me back on the folic acid. Will that make a difference

It will make a difference in the soreness of the skin of your mouth. Getting PsA under control will make the joints of the mouth less sore. Folic acid is taken with mtx to prevent sorenes in the mouth. It isn't necessary with the sulfazalintaes, I believe.

I take 1 mg a day. I wonder if I should up it since it is supposed to help with the GI issues after mtx.

I would question the rheumy esp if your mtx is oral. I inject mine but still have some stomach issues.

An oral rinse like Biotene (available in any drugstore) several times a day can help quite a bit with mouth soreness / gum inflammation.

Thank you all I will try your suggestions.

Crest makes a "mouth Sore" rinse that will heal the sores up fast if used 3 times daily. I have had TMJ since I was 10 years old and I had one surgery to remove cysts from the joint and put the ligament or tendon back into the joint. The celebrex and PsA drugs take care of the TMJ for me. I can chew gum now!! I couldn't as a child. I definitely believe the TMJ is because of the Psa. I do have sensitive teeth, but I also have secondary sjogrens, and find the sysadine tooth paste works best. It takes about a week of use to provide relief.