Good Afternoon,

I started out with a cold on a Friday, April 11th. Monday is shot day, Humira and MTX, still with cold. By Wednesday, I had a fever and was feeling very ill. Thursday, went to the doctor was diagnosed with an ear infection, bronchitis, upper respiratory infection and laryngitis. Put on antibiotics, augmentin. Saturday, went to the ER, still with fever and at the direction of my primary to check for pneumonia. No pneumonia.

Monday, April 21, my primary added another antibiotic, Bactrum as I still had a fever. Finally, and not until Tuesday, my fever broke. Meanwhile, I have not taken my shots (yesterday was the 3rd week) and my rheumy put me on steroids to help with any inflammation. Fast forward until today, I have another appointment with my primary this afternoon, have called my rheumy, and was told that I need to get clearance from my primary before I can take my shots.

I don't know if because my body is weakened it is taking so long to recover or what. I just think its been too long to be ill. Honestly, I don't feel 100% but better. i don't have a fever or the hacking cough anymore but I am starting to feel the effects of not taking my weekly meds and it scares me that I will return to the desperate place I was in when I was first diagnosed and want to feel better.

Any suggestions, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Sounds like a wicked cruel run of bad luck and nasty cold and virus stuff. Sorry you've had to endure that. I'm sure it lingered so long because of your immune response. If you're no longer actively ill (with no fever) you should call your rheumatologist about getting back on your meds ASAP.

I hope you get restored to health very soon. And find out about when you can start back on your meds.

Thank you for your reply. I just left my primary doctor… I had a fever… She wasn’t happy with the way I sounded and referred me to an ENT, who I will see Thursday.

Of course, no meds this week or until I am fever free or they figure out what the heck is going on.

I’m so frustrated.

i bet you're frustrated. Sounds terrible. I have two friends who got pneumonia this spring from a bad cough/cold and they just couldn't shake the symptoms. Neither of them knew that they had pneumonia, just that they were still coughing weeks after they had first been sick. And one friend got pleurisy. Pleurisy? Who gets THAT anymore? Eat well, rest as much as you can and get better soon!

Thank you so much.

And so it continues, a now sinus infection and another dose of antibiotics… Grrrrr, no meds until at least my next appointment, the 21st

Hang in there!