Kidney pain

Headed to the doctor tomorrow for blood work but I think these meds have ruined my kidneys. The pain is chronic in the lower right flank. Had my gall bladder out years ago so I know that couldn't be the problem. Say a prayer I'm wrong.

I hope it goes well for you. It would certainly make life rather challenging to have to avoid certain meds. Let us know what turns up.

Dont know what it could be and of course I am not a MD. But working in healthcare, I do know that kidney pain usually presents itself in the upper back. Your kidneys are higher up on the back and safely tucked behind your rib cage. So, if your pain is in the lower flank it could be something else. Best of luck, dont miss you appointment.

They could not do the blood work this AM. I have t wait until tomorrow. yes the pain is right flank pain right under the right rib cage. It is in the same area as when I had my gallbladder attacks. I guess I shouldn't have said lower but rather mid flank.

Hi Johnny Reb, hoping your kidneys are fine. Keep us posted. Good luck !


Okay, here's what's up. I have high Uric Acid level 531 (normal being umol/L 125 - 410). Guess what can cause you to have high UA??? PSORIASIS!!! I have 2 medium sized stones in my right kidney that are causing all of the problems.

Just so you'll know: I don't drink = MTX, I don't eat a lot of meat = I live in China and eat rice, noodles and vegetables mostly. I do suffer from hypothyroidism which can cause high UA levels. Some chemo drugs can cause high UA levels but at what dosage? Other than Psoriasis, those were the only other causal risk factors that applied to me.

I'm going to take some alpha blockers to see if we can get these puppies moving. And yes, I've heard how painful that is. One female friend said it was like having a baby. That's kinda scary! lol Say a prayer!

Ah, see I was thinking possibly kidney stones, but I looked back and saw that I didn't write it. I guess the only "good" news is that this does not necessitate a change of medications. Thanks for posting the update. I hope they pass quickly and relatively painlessly.

Oh my ! I've heard that's very painful but they have medicine that helps greatly with the pain.

Oh my gosh! Ouch! I’m so glad it turned out to be kidney stones and not something much worse. They are really painful to pass. I have seen many patients with them, and I don’t envy you, but THIS is what they make the strong opiates for. I wish you the best of luck, and the least discomfort possible.

one down one to go. Rollin', rollin', rollin', get them stones a rollin' RAWHIDE! d ; )>

That's great that one passed already.

Good luck on the second one !