Hey gang

2 questions....is there any connection between PsA and Kidney issues? and do you find that when you get ill.....say a stomach virus, the symptoms/pain seem worse?

Just back from a miserable 4 hrs at ER.....

Don't know anything about you or your meds because I didn't check. Yes apparently there is I am tested every 6 weeks and they test my kidney, liver and bone marrow functions. I currently take Methotrexate and Humira, but am going to go off Humira onto Remicade since Humira isn't working. I know they give me readings for all 3 every 6 weeks. My experience has been fine with Methotrexate and Humira,as far as my functions, the drugs are just not making me better. Get the blood tests and keep up with your body functions. My advise is to get them checked and stay on top of them! I know we will all say this but drink lots of water!, it helps! At least 8 glasses a day!

There was a link i put up a few months ago which suggests a link between Psoriasis and Kidney issues. But as Mat says our docs generally check our bloods regularly so early signs of any problems with any of our systems can be picked up.


Thanks guys! I am currently on no meds other than topical for my Psoriasis....was supposed to start Humira but got sick. Thought I had another kidney stone so they did a CT....found a 1cm lesion on L Kidney.....not the side that was hurting....will follow up with Rhuem and find a new Nephrologist ...