Just wanted to introduce myself

Hi, I’m brand spankin’ new here. I’m a southern girl. I’ve had joint pain and stiffness for most of my adult life. Have a family history full of rheumatoid arthritis and I never really fit into that diagnosis. Was diagnosed with undifferentiated spondyloarthropy about 8 or 9 years ago. Doctors asked me about rashes and I have eczema but no psoriasis. Then my fingernails got all weird and rigged and my toenails started to separate from the nailbed and voila, now I fit into a diagnosis!

Currently having a flare and am on my 3rd day of a medrol dosepack. I hate taking it. Turns me into a diabetic while I’m on it. I love taking it! Makes my pain and stiffness SO much better. Uncharacteristically, I am greatly fatigued. Steroids usually make me hyper.Currently take Arava, Celebrex and Tylenol 4 (codeine) which does little for my pain. I take a bunch of supplements too. I have a part time job, I retired from nursing about 5 years ago. Was an ER RN for 27 years. Anyway, I work at Sprouts in the vitamin section and reps routinely give us samples of their products. If I stumble upon a cure, I will let you guys know.

I am mom to 2 and Granma to 1. Have 3 cats and a boyfriend.

Thank you for letting me join you. Hoping to learn a lot more about our disease from all of you. Like I said, I’m a retired ER nurse. I can’t ever recall taking care of a patient with this disease. When I did have patients with an unusual diagnosis they themselves were always a great resource of information. Hoping to find the same here, we are ALL patients. Well unless some of us have given up on doctors and are taking care of themselves. :grinning:


Welcome Fatfinger!

LOL!!! I like you already!

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Welcome! I’m so sorry you’re having a flare! I hope things will settle down soon!

Thanks :grinning:

That old love/hate relationship! We all seem to have that with one or more of our meds! Medrol–is that prednisone? If so, yes! It does so much good but also can do so much bad!!!
I like you, too–the name Fatfinger is cute and I would be so happy, too, if you stumbled on a cure from the vitamin samples, please share the info!!! :wink:

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Medrol and prednisone are the same.

So true! My friend won’t take biologics bcz they are chemicals si she’s going to try keto diet. She has rheumatoid dad crohns and sister allergies and skin issues. I’ll let you know how it goes for her while I do my humira😁


Glad you have joined us!! I’m also very new - only diagnosed 2 months ago. And, I’m also a southern girl! Ga peach. I have had a really rough time with this disease. Pain just never stops. Just did my 3rd injection of Enbrel last night.
Still working full time but just barely.