Just one of those days

I know a lot of The PSA family goes through this once in a while. Today is my day! When is all this sh## going to end??? I take the following every day. Four thousand units of vitamin D, two stool softeners,four Tramodol, three flexiril, one Losartan(high blood pressure), one large Potassium ,one Flowmax , one LASIK , one vitamin B-12,one gout pill, one Statin for cholesterol,one Trazadone ( for sleep). I was taking 8 MTX every week. I had to stop for bladder surgery . I’ve been off MTX now for three weeks, never felt better! Humira about killed me. That’s why PSA is such a difficult disease. Today was a break down of emotions. Tomorrow will be better. Thanks for letting me ramble and for all your support.

I know, ToP. We all know. There are days when … well … it all seems too much. And then there are the better days. I’m sorry you’re having one of the “down” kind.

Of course we’ll let you ramble and vent and we’ll prop you up as you work your way through this. Because you will get through this. And when you are feeling better, you can return that favour to someone else here that is struggling.

I hope that there’s a bit of sun where you are, and that there are brighter days ahead. Keep in touch.

Just let it out. We all have days like this. I am sorry you are having a bad day. It is so frustrating, and even though we all try to keep it together and give the good fight, sometimes it's just too hard to do. It's only human. We deal with much more pain than most, and it's bound to get to us once in a while. I hope things improved. Will keep good thoughts for you ToP! Hugs!

Yep, we understand. My way through days like this is minute by minute and then suddenly an hour has gone by and then another. I wish you a good nights sleep because everything will look better if you can wake a bit more refreshed tomorrow.

TOP, so get it!!! It’s hard when we have those days when we feel terrible but reflect on how we have done everything to fight back. Countless pills, daily life changes and talking ourselves into doing it all. Kudos to you for letting it out to the people who know how you feel! At the risk of quoting my 9 yr old “let it go” tomorrow will be better. There’s a dance that goes with that saying but I look pretty stupid when I do it but hey it’s fun. Hope you feel better soon!

Gentle hugs! Be gentle with yourself. It's great that you're getting it out. So many of us can relate!!!

I get it because yesterday was my day! I was put on an antibiotic that caused nearly all my ligaments to inflame. The pain was horrendous and my mood was worse. My family had no idea how much pain I was in despite my trying to describe it to them. This was the worst day for pain in my life! I feel for you and pray we all have better days to come!

Thankfully, my agony ended when the medication wore off! Whew!