So Tired

So tired of hurting.......I have been on every drug they have for this and they all either worked for a while then my body decided not to let it work anymore ( antibodys) or I had an alergeric reation to it..My doctor is wonderful, he has been so good he just now put me on stelara . Anybody try this

I just took my second dose of stelara Monday and was in terrible pain all day yesterday. Not sure if I’m expecting too much from the meds but it is frustrating. I have also been through several other meds that did not help(all listed in my profile). I completely understand the tiredness and frustration with it all. My only hope is to try to stay positive and look forward to doing the things I can’t do at this moment, like being able to ride my motorcycle again or go snowboarding for the first time. My ultimate goal is to be able to be a automotive mechanic again (currently shop foreman and the stress is insane and definitely not helping the condition) but that might be hoping for too much. Gotta try to stay positive or this will eat you alive. Just wanted you to know you are not alone.

Thnak you Rick Tech! I know its important to stay positive sometimes it's just harder ...

Sorry you're having a tough go of it, Sherry. I know we all feel like throwing in the towel at times. We've all had these periods of time where things seem desperate. And you're perfectly entitled to feel that way--just try to visit those emotions only for the short term.

But there HAS to be some combination out there that can help. And new drugs are on the horizon, too. Perhaps it is time to go back to one of the first drugs you took and try it in combination with MTX to try to lower your antibody response? Seems like now is the time to get creative! Hang in there.

Hi Sherry,

I wonder if your doc knows about all the drugs out there for PsA, or the combinations available. I've had PsA for 32 years and still haven't run out of drugs / combinations to try, and the last 12 years have been a merry-go-round of changing meds. Hang in there, and if your doc says there is nothing left to try, you might need to either find a new doc, or do research on your own and suggest medications to your rheumy.

ps: I tried Stelara and it did nothing for me :(

I seem to need a new Bio about annually. I am on my 5th, Remicade. My Rheumy said the next to try is Stelara. I take mtx with all the bios to try and slow my immune response to them. I see her again this month so I will let you know if she starts it.

Thank You everyone!! I really appreciate your comments.

I was just taken off of MTX by my rheumy have an appt 3/17 for either Humira or embrel, I am so tired I finally gave in and called to find out if this is normal well I guess not a month ago the same thing happened and I got a fever and cold/sinus infection for 3 weeks. I work a very stressful job and on top of all this I had a car accident 2 weeks ago totaled my car and yesterday I went to the dr and received 3 cortisone shots In my elbows. Scared to try another drug but if that’s what takes I will do it!! I pray you feel better and the right medicine comes through we are in this together that’s what helps me!!