It's still there in the background

After joining up with you guys yesterday, I realize that I've been very lucky up till now. Although never lazy about taking my Celebrex, I haven't cut back on my alcohol...sometimes taking the pill just a couple of hours after a bottle of wine. Last night, after wine with friends, I decided not to take the Celebrex until this morning. Woke up and I could tell immediately that there is something lingering. I've been lazy, lately, so Im going back all out on diet, supplements and training, and Im cutting the booze altogether for a few months, too. See if I can switch this thing off completely.

Celebrex should be taken with food. NSAIDs will damage your stomach. Many of us also take another tablet which puts a lining on the stomach to protect our tummies.

If you want to truly live the fullest life possible with this PSA. You do need to look after yourself.

A diet that gets you as close as possible to nature will help your body cope. No additives or processed foods or preservatives. No saturated or trans fats. You can use organic coconut oil the healthiest oil there is.

Hi Bella...thanks for the comment. I'm not taking the other tablet because it cuts the absorption of vitamin D. Actually, I take an HCL supplement to INCREASE the amount of stomach acid. The better I absorb the nutrients from my food and supplementation program, the better my chance of healing....I hope. But I do make sure I take Celebrex with a ton of food to hopefully mitigate the risk.