Joint Juice?

I have been thinking of trying some type of joint juice and I was wanting to know if anyone has tried any and if there are suggestions, and/or if they worked.

It usually is made up of glucosamine and condroitin and calcium and Vit D. Theses are all supplements used with some improvement in some people with osteoarthritis. It is also available in pill form. It seems to help perimenopausal women with osteo arthritis or DJD (degenerative joint disease another name for osteoarthritis) the most. I would figure Fighter26 is unlikely to have either. While I was menstrating I took calcium and since being diagnosed with PsA have been taking Vit D as it helps absorb the calcium in our diets and helps with pain. Menopausal women do not absorb much if calcium is taken as a supplement so I do not take it but I am not in any danger of osteoporosis. The problem with all the inflammatory arthritis, of which PsA is only one, is inflammation and swelling in the joints. These supplements help to plump up thinning cartilage. We do not need any "plumping" inside our joints as it is so full of inflammation it hurts.

At least that is my understanding; Grumpy and Lamb may have more modern scientific explanations though!

I tried joint juice for several weeks. I don't think there's any scientific evidence that glucosamine and chondroitin are beneficial--that's what my rheumy told me, anyway. However, he did tell me that there is evidence that COq10 is beneficial for a few different things... I think it helps reduce inflammation plus it lowers bp and cholesterol....I believe it's fat soluble, so you need to take it with a fat source.

Years ago when my neck was really hurting me more (DDD) I tried glucosamine/chondroitin for several months and did not find any relief. It is my understanding that the only studies finding any relief with those supplements is for knee osteoarthritis. Of course when we are in pain we will try most anything. I don't think I would spend my money there though. I also take Vit D and also magnesium.