C'maaan, not again

I wanna begin by swearing but decided to refrain. After almost a year on Simponi I am no longer sure if it's working. For about 3 months in the summer I was feeling great, not even taking celebrex every day! Now the past month or so I'm in pain all the time. I've been taking more codiene then ever because the Tramadol doesn't seem to work. I know stress and weather play a part but this is getting a bit nutz. I think maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board for treatment options.

I know what you mean; it seems like the biologics don't last very long. I have been on all of them except Remicade. It may be time to try that one.

It seems that some people have relief from pain and swelling long term with some meds, and some people don't. This is why PsA is so frustrating! I too was doing ok until the end of summer now I'm getting steadily, slowly worse again so cant wait til early November as thats when my next Rheumatology appointment is. Good luck with the drawing board :) x

I have been on all of the Biologics and have found the longer your on one they stop working and you have to move onto the next. It's annoying to say the least!!! I am going to my Dr this thursday and will be discussing increasing my Remicade. It is now wearing off too fast. Hope you can find some answers. Good luck!